Nov 1, 2012

NaBloPoMo... Take Two...

Some of you may recall that last year I challenged myself to take part in BlogHer's NaBloPoMo- National Blog Posting Month.  The goal is to blog every day through all of November.  I did pretty well last year and am hoping that taking part in the challenge this year just might get me back on track with posting more regularly.  We shall see!

I think most of my readers have been caught up in Hurricane Sandy and her aftermath. And I know that many of you are still without power several days later.  My parents have been told not to expect their power to come back on until at least Monday- a full week almost!  With well water that runs with an electric pump and an electric stove they're relying on peanut butter sandwiches and the fact that my dad's office has electricity to get through.  Here in MA our power was out for just about 24 hours.  The night it came back on Paul and I were watching a show about the Amish (he thinks I'm an expert on the Amish as I'm from Pennsylvania) and he said that he thought that he'd like that lifestyle.  I reminded him how just the night before he'd been sitting in the dark with his thumbs glued to his smartphone since we couldn't watch t.v. or play video games.  And now he wants to go Amish?!?  Right.

While the more coastal parts of MA were hit pretty hard by Sandy, we were lucky as a whole.  Certainly the state is in far better shape than New York and New Jersey.  I can't even begin to imagine the destruction and the amount of cleaning and rebuilding there is to do.  

On a more positive note, Halloween went on as usual.  For months LP has been saying that he wanted to be Zurg, the Evil Emperor from the Toy Story movies.  I was planning to make his costume as usual but Paul beat me to it and purchased a Zurg costume off Ebay (not easy to find, and not cheap, but surprisingly there's pretty good resale value so we might even make money on the whole thing!)  I'm cheesy and love the idea of coordinating the kid's costumes so made Eliza a little green Alien costume to go along with Zurg..

Thought I'd share a few photos from the big day....


Our little alien:


And the Evil Emperor Zurg:



This is his "evil" look:


Zurg captured the Alien!



Our first trick-or-treat stop was at Grammy and Papa's house.  




I'm pretty sure that whole bowl of candy ended up in LP's pumpkin:


Then we went to trick-or-treat with friends who live in a great neighborhood- our third year in a row trick-or-treating with them (and I never manage to get decent pictures!)  Here's LP and his cupcake friend:


And a photobombing by a monkey!


Last year we had a great time with Trick-or-Treat but this year was sooo much fun.  The kids are old enough that they were so excited to run to people's doors and ring the bell. 


Watching these three little people running across yards in the dark, giggling their heads off was fantastic!


Hope everyone else had a great Halloween and is getting back on track after Sandy.  I'll be back tomorrow!

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