Nov 2, 2012


Realized that I promised a post about our trip down to Pennsylvania a few weeks ago and never delivered (shame on me!).   So here you go.  Prepare to be awed by the excitement that is 6 hours in the car with an almost 4 year old and an almost 2 month old.

Actually, the trip wasn't so bad.  While Eliza isn't quite as easy in the car as LP was (and is), we still managed to make the trip with just one stop in each direction around lunch time.  So that was awesome.  We drove down on a Thursday and stayed until Tuesday... 

Thursday night we got out some excess energy by playing ball with Pappy:




Saturday morning we went to the Easton Farmer's Market where Pappy gave LP a lesson about the meaning behind the Soldiers and Sailors Monument:


And LP pitched in at Nana's Peanut Butter ProJeCt booth.  Nana is collecting peanut butter (and/or donations) for local people in need.


LP was very excited to see so much peanut butter in one place (he's got the same peanut butter addiction his mommy has):


He also taste-tested about 20 varieties of apples:


While Eliza hung out:


After a little more outside playtime:


Which included an episode of nose meets pavement followed by some tee-ball:


Uncle Spencer, Aunt Frances and our new neice/cousin Madeleine arrived!  They were ready for the Tigers game:


But Eliza was mostly just ready to nap:


Aunt Sue came to visit as well to meet Madeleine and Eliza for the first time:


Along with G.G.:



And Aunt Cindi:


We attempted some group shots of all three cousins together:


And for a brief moment in time both babies were awake and happy simultaneously:


I think these two are going to be the best of friends (they're only about 7 weeks apart!) 



Nana posed with all of her grandchildren (And Wheezy the penguin):


And Pappy got in on some granddaughter action:


The moms attempted some photos with all three kids:



And my brother and I attempted a few as well:


We took a  multi-generational approach for this photo (4 generations!):


And then decided to harass poor Uncle Nelson who was missing his wife (Aunt San!!  We missed you!) and who'd thrown out his back earlier in the day:


Pappy was also harassed:


Aunt Sue read some stories to LP:


(And check out this picture I took of LP with Aunt Sue exactly 2 years earlier!):

2010-10-17 14-35-23_0081


We had a great trip to PA and were so excited to meet our new cousing Madeleine and for everyone to meet Eliza.  Can't wait to head down for Thanksgiving when the whole family will be together at once for a couple of nights!  Let's hope the next trip goes just as smoothly!

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