Nov 25, 2012

Eliza Rose- Three Months

Eliza is three months old (or 13 weeks if you count by weeks).  She has continued to be a very easy baby (knock on wood).
Wearing Pappy's baby gown
We've gotten into a pretty good schedule with somewhat regular nap times, meal times, and play times (although of course, with a four year old in the house and going to play dates and yoga classes our "schedule" has to be flexible!).  She sleeps all night from about 9 p.m. until 7 a.m. and the past few nights has been going down closer to 8 p.m.   Looks like I might just have my evenings available for sewing time again soon!
Eliza is obsessed with LP- she turns her head to watch him as he runs back and forth and if he's in the room he's the only one she wants to look at.  She's smiley, has giggled a few times, and wants nothing more than to be sitting up so that she can see what's going on.  If we prop her up against pillows she lurches her body forward to sit up straighter.  
Attempting to lurch forward into a sitting position
She enjoys being on her playmat more and more and while she's not grabbing at toys yet she will bat at things.
She's also discovered the joys of thumb sucking which means less screaming when she spits her pacifier out.
We're working on napping in her crib (she's upstairs screaming her heart out right now!) but she sleeps there very well at night...
LP continues to adore his baby sister.  He stops what he's doing frequently to run over and pat her head or tummy and he loves to snuggle her and give her "kiss attacks."
Can't wait to see what kind of little girl she becomes!

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