Dec 23, 2011

In Stitches....

Every year I like to do a little holiday sewing for us to enjoy around the house (beyond my usual list of gifts to make for people).   This year I found this adorable vintage looking Santa fabric with lines and pictures from "Twas the Night Before Christmas" that I decided to use to make a throw for the couch.  You can see it in this picture of LP enjoying some iPad time one night...

2011-12-19 21-26-05_0001wm


I wasn't too thrilled with the Christmas pillows I made last year as they were pretty boring so I decided to do some quilted ones this year.  And while I followed some misleading directions on how to make snowball quilt squares, causing some wonkiness, I think they turned out pretty cute:

2011-12-14 00-25-36_0021wm

2011-12-14 00-24-56_0020wm


Last year I mentioned that when I was a baby my mother handmade a Bucilla embroidered Christmas stocking for me.  I decided to stick with the tradition and finished up LP's last year.  And this year, finally, I finished the one for Paul that I started back when we were engaged.  Here they all are:

Mine (love the little toys on it!):

2011-12-21 23-07-26_0017wm



2011-12-21 23-07-18_0016wm

2011-12-21 23-07-11_0015wm


And Paul's:

2011-12-21 23-07-00_0013wm

2011-12-21 23-07-06_0014wm


I love how they all look hanging on our mantel together.. 

2011-12-21 23-07-40_0019wm


There must be 100+ hours of handsewing and embroidery work on our mantel alone- those stockings take FOREVER but it's worth it!

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