Dec 6, 2011

Busy Playing...

I posted EVERY SINGLE DAY in November (yay- I survived NaBloPoMo!) and have not posted since.  Boo! I was in quite the little routine of posting every day (although there were definitely days when I struggled to come up with something even remotely interesting to write about) and quickly got out of the habit (it was replaced with daily photos of Bobby, our Elf on the Shelf).

So here's an update of sorts!

We've been busy getting ready for the holidays.... LP and I made salt dough ornaments last week and had a blast cutting them out and then decorating them.....

2011-12-02 16-09-30_0006wm

(used the tripod and the remote shutter on my camera for this one!)

2011-12-02 16-22-43_0011wm

Kisses!  (Kisses almost always get wiped away now by LP- unless I "kiss him all up" too quickly for him to wipe them all away)

2011-12-02 16-28-02_0015wm

He's very serious about his rolling pin.  

2011-12-04 18-24-31_0047wm

And equally serious about paint.

2011-12-04 18-25-02_0051wm

2011-12-04 18-26-03_0053wm

We've also spent a lot of time running around outside since the weather has been unseasonably warm.  LP loves to make up games, play tag, or pretend that we're characters from The Wonder Pets or Backyardigans.  The pine trees become tents that Baby Bear and Mama Bear take naps under.  

2011-12-02 17-31-48_0030wm

2011-12-02 17-32-18_0032wm

2011-12-02 17-43-41_0063 copywm

2011-12-04 16-22-23_0020wm

2011-12-04 16-25-47_0024wm

2011-12-04 16-32-41_0032wm

And sometimes Papa Bear comes out to play too....

2011-12-04 16-35-29_0034wm

I love how LP is Paul's mini-me.  In soo many pictures I have of the two of them together you can see how similar their mannerisms are- check out they way they run!

Love my Baby Bear and Papa Bear!

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