Nov 3, 2011


Here are a few outtakes from our little photo session yesterday during which LP and I tried to get over our irritation with each other (oh and by the way, little man came down with a minor fever last night along with a hacking cough and stuffed up nose so perhaps that was why he was so irritable.  Me, on the other hand, am completely healthy (knock on wood) and have no real excuse for being irritable....):

2011-11-02 15-59-27_0005wm
This one is entitled, "Chalk.  Broken."  All of our sidewalk chalk looks like this as LP prefers throwing it around on the driveway to actually drawing with it.  Unless he's forcing me to draw Thomas Train after Thomas Train in various colors and with specific instructions like "Diesel needs a funnel!  NO!  NOT THERE!  It's all wrong....."

2011-11-02 15-59-44_0006wm
These are my favorite sneakers in the whole wide world.  So loved that I actually have 4 pairs:  brown, black, greenish suede and white.  Soooo comfy and easy to put on cause I just leave mine unzipped halfway most of the time.  Check them out if you're looking for sneaks:  Merrell's Lorelei.  (And no, I did NOT pay $90 per pair- I'm WAY too cheap for that.  Mine were all picked up at TJMaxx and Marshall's for far less... They're worth the $90 though. 

2011-11-02 16-10-11_0019wm
LP has Merrell's too.  Got his at a local consignment store in perfect condition for $15.  Score!

2011-11-02 16-15-48_0023wm
This photo is entitled, "Boy: Irritated, With Crusty Nose."

2011-11-02 16-15-51_0024wm
And this one is called "Stop Taking My Picture!"

And so I stopped... For yesterday anyway!

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