Nov 10, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Here's a quick little decor update I did recently using my Silhouette SD and some vinyl. 

When we redecorated our downstairs bathroom we got rid of the old, cheap-o medicine cabinet.  At least, we got rid of the cabinet part of it.  Cheap crafty Emily insisted on keeping the mirrored door, even though it was covered in brown vinyl that was peeling off of it.  The door sat in our basement for a while until one day when I spraypainted the frame in a silvery color to give it a new life.  It was then propped up in the corner of our countertop behind our coffeemakers (yes, we have 2 coffeemakers on the counter - we prefer to have a variety of ways to get our caffeine) to hide the corner space behind them, cover up some plugs and outlets, and bring a little light into the corner of the room.

Here's what it looked like after a coat of spray paint:

2011-11-04 15-13-40_0007wm

I really loved the way the mirror hid the funny corner space and cords but wasn't in love with the mirror itself so decided the other day to give it another sprucing up.  I painted the frame with a cream colored crackle paint and then cut out a ton of leaves on  my Silhouette SD in some creamy vinyl and stuck them on.  Here's how it looks now (in this poorly staged photo):

2011-11-07 13-18-58_0010wm

And closer up:

2011-11-07 13-19-07_0011wm

I'm not in love with the crackle finish and will probably end up painting the frame again (perhaps black?) but really love the vinyl leaves.  When it was just a plain mirror it reflected the backs of the coffeepots which wasn't the most lovely of scenes.  Since it's not a mirror that is used for primping, adding the leaves cuts down on the reflection of the mirror but still hides the funky corner and the cords behind it.

Just a quick little project!  Love my Silhouette SD!

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