Nov 21, 2011

It Has Begun....

LP's change from baby to toddler to little boy is now in full effect.  On Friday we officially started potty training.  There had been several "unofficial" starts- days in underwear, little toys won by the efforts of sitting on the potty, talk about being a "big boy" and wearing "big boy underwear," but now, we're there, and we're not going back.  It's time.  We're ALL ready.
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And I have to say, it's going pretty well so far.  The first few times we tried (I should correct myself and say "I tried") were not terribly successful overall.  Neither Paul was that committed to it.  Although Paul the Hubby kept saying he wanted to get LP trained so that we could stop spending so much money on diapers, he wasn't very involved in the actual work to be done.  And while LP would willingly sit on the potty and pee when we asked him to, he wasn't interested in stopping his playtime to run to the bathroom, preferring to just go "on the spot."

2011-11-20 15-27-12_0072wm

This time, though, we were all ready.  We'd been telling LP that once he was 3 he'd be a big boy and there would be no more diapers.  And we followed through.  Friday morning I put undies on LP just before lunch time.  The rest of the day he did really well going on the potty- sometimes when I reminded him, and sometimes when his undies got the tiniest bit damp and he realized he needed to go.

Day 2, Saturday, Paul was home as well to help.  LP was dry all night Friday night while he slept (in a diaper- we're not quite ready to commit COMPLETELY to undies!) and sat on the potty when he first woke up.  He did a great job staying dry all day, even during a trip to the grocery store to do the Thanksgiving shopping.  As soon as we got home from the store he said he had to pee but it was about 30 seconds too late.  We were at the store longer than expected and probably should have taken him to go while there so it was our mistake.

2011-11-20 15-27-10_0071wm

LP didn't do quite as well with #2.  There were several "deposits" made in his Mickey Mouse undies, some of them in a sneak attack manuever while one of us was in the room with him.  He somehow staved off his usual grunts while pooping so that we had no idea what he was up to.  

Day 3 was about the same as day 2.  Another dry diaper all night, another good day with #1 but not so much with #2.  We made a little progress with #2 but there were still some sneak attacks.  We'll keep working on that.

This morning when I woke him up to go to day care he refused to let me put a diaper on him and wanted his undies.  Progress!  We agreed on a Pull-Up instead as I didn't think he'd really go to the potty at day care.  Sure enough, our day care provider let me know a little while ago that although she's asked him several times he refuses to go on the potty at her house.  

The plan?  We'll be home from Wednesday through Sunday for the holidays so we'll go all undies all the time (except when sleeping).  And hopefully we'll get out and about a bit to practice going on other peoples' potties so that maybe by next week he'll be willing to try it at day care too.

2011-11-20 15-06-27_0005wm

Other things to work on? Convincing LP that he doesn't need to take his pants and undies completely off every single time he goes potty.  And that he doesn't have to change his underwear each time either- thank goodness we have about 20 pairs!

While I'm sad that my little man is growing up (this morning he called his beloved blanket "Blankie" for the first time ever- he's called it "Mankie" - short for "my blankie" since he started talking), I'll sure be glad not to have to change toddler diapers any more!!

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