Nov 22, 2011


I'm in a cranky mood tonight.  Am having a glass of wine for dinner because after I made LP "pasketti and eatballs" (which was AFTER I cleaned up 2!!  poopy pairs of underpants) I couldn't be bothered to make anything else.  Paul had sandwiches and I sat in my pjs at the kitchen table with my glass of wine (the end of the bottle- oh no!).


As much as I hate working out, I've noticed that when I don't get enough exercise I have a harder time being patient and un-cranky.  I got a good long walk in on Sunday but haven't had any exercise since then.  Combine that with super crowded trains going home today (at 2 in the afternoon- all full up with college students with rolling suitcases, texting away as they rolled along instead of paying attention to the poor commuters they were running over) and a general feeling of blah (yup- "Aunt Flo" is due to join us on Thanksgiving Day) and it's wine for dinner.



On the train.  

Wearing a shirt that made me feel frumpy all day, with my hair in a ponytail because I was too rushed to blow dry it this morning.  

All contributing to my general blah-ness.

Ok- I've wallowed long enough.  I could go sit on the couch and read blogs and play the Harry Potter Lego game (on sale on iTunes right now for 2.99- and totally worth it) that I'm currently obsessed with (seriously- soooo fun!) OR I could go to my sewing room and be creative for a while.  Or at least tidy it up so that when inspiration strikes I'm all set to sew....


Think I'll go with option 2.... Right after I crack open another bottle of wine....


See ya manana!

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