Nov 2, 2011

30 Days of Gratitude

I'm sure some of you have noticed that some of your friends are posting on Facebook something they're thankful for every day this month. Recently I came across a pin on my favorite site, Pinterest, that was a link to "Zoom in on Gratitude: 30 Day Photo Challenge" on the positively present blog. I figured hell, why not add one more thing to my to do list every day through the month of November and take on this photo challenge as well? I'll be sharing some of my photos here.

Today I took photos for days 1 and 2 since I missed the first day. Day 1 was "Favorite Food" and today's prompt is "Smile."

"Favorite Food" was an easy one to decide on- everyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with peanut butter. So I pulled out all the peanut butter jars in the house to get a shot:

2011-11-02 16-29-35_0026wm

Yup, that's right. 7 different kinds of peanut butter. Plus some duplicates in the pantry. And not including the 2 different kinds of peanut butter ice cream in our chest freezer and the piles of peanut butter candies we hauled in for Halloween. Yum.

Day 2, "Smile," was a tougher one for me today. LP and I have been having a rough day so far. There's been a lot of talking back, a lot of defiance (from both of us), several pairs of wet underwear, an almost three-year-old who refuses to listen, a mom who is ready to let her kid stay in diapers til he's 10, yelling, and some cursing under my breath. We went outside to play and I took my camera along, hoping to capture a few good shots despite both of our sour attitudes. And as we were wandering under the pine trees looking for pinecones, breathing in the scent of fresh air and balsam, a little smile appeared as LP chattered away to himself.... Smiles from both of us....

2011-11-02 16-09-01_0017wm

So I'm trying to focus on gratitude today because - despite the pee on my dining room rug and the toys strewn all over the place - I really do have a lot to be grateful for....


  1. Love this post! Ooh boy, I know those days. Since we're still in diapers (and will be for a looong time I predict) we don't have pee on the floor, but we often have tons of toys and lots of cheerios. Such a good idea to regroup with a walk outside. Love you guys!

  2. I just read (on my elevator TV) that due to a peanut shortage that peanut butter prices are about to really go up -- JIF is apparently going up the highest, 40%!



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