Jul 4, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Our weekend started off with a bang, quite literally, when LP tripped and smashed his noggin on the new patio. Ouch!

Fortunately, he recovered quickly after some kisses, cuddles, and ice and was back to his usual goofy self


And of course, a chocolate ice cream cone always helps too!

We spent most of our weekend around the house, gardening, washing the cars, etc.

We celebrated the holiday over at Grammy and Papa's house where we spent some time enjoying the pool.

LP was GREAT in the water. He was very timid about going in the pool last year and we expected the same this year since it was our first time in the pool this summer. He let me put his water wings right on though and although for the first few minutes he wanted to stay nice and dry sitting on the float, after a little while he got in the water and really enjoyed himself.

At one point he even put his face under and was kicking and paddling a bit on his own without anyone holding on to him! I'm planning to take him over to go swimming a few times a week since Grammy and Papa live only 5 minutes away.

The guys spent some time playing basketball (LP decided that Daddy's face was the perfect place to plant his feet in order to perform a proper layup) and then we all enjoyed some yummy food!

And now the house is quiet, both Pauls are asleep, and I'm heading to dream land soon myself.

I hope everyone had as great of a holiday weekend as we did!! (minus the forehead meets patio part, of course!)

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