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Things to Remember- Month 30!

I was just looking back at my blog posts from May of last year, thinking I'd repost my Mother's Day post from 2010 since I was too lazy (and busy!) to post anything yesterday. I realized though, that my post last year was a repost of the year before, so I'll just direct you to if it you want to check it out- I think it was a pretty good one, all about motherhood!

As I was scrolling through my posts from May, 2010 I got all misty-eyed reading LP's 18-month update.  At 18 months he was just learning to talk- stringing two words here and there, and starting to pick up on colors.  He had just started playing with Thomas Trains and was barely able to reach things on the edge of the kitchen counter. 

Here he is at 18 months- look at those pudgy little arms!!

5-21-2010 7-15-34 PM_0056

And just for kicks, here's LP in May, 2009 at 6 months:

5-22-2009 3-59-09 PM109 copy

Now, at almost 2.5, he's stringing together full paragraphs, singing songs, saying his ABC's, counting to 20 (although he usually skips 15-18 and comes back to them after 20), and Thomas Trains are like members of our family- we talk about them as if they are real in our house.

And so, because I'm feeling sentimental and haven't done a monthly check-in on what LP is up to since he turned 2, and because he'll be 2 and a half next week, I thought I'd do one now!

1.  At 30 months, LP is finally starting to catch up in height to the other kids his age.  He no longer seems to teeny-tiny compared to them.  He's wearing size 3 shirts and pants, although we need to belt the pants quite a bit or take the waist in as he's still very skinny!
2011-05-03 17-43-01_0008wm

2.  LP loves to sing, especially the theme songs to his favorite shows:  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Little Einsteins.  He also loves to recap episodes for us, and when we buckle him into his carseat he'll yell "Seatbelts fastened!  Prepare for blast off!" like they do on Little Einsteins.

2011-05-04 18-18-11_0033wm

3.  LP LOVES to stand on his "big stool" and help in the kitchen- especially if he gets to be in charge of the cheese!

2011-05-04 18-18-07_0032wm

4.  He also loves to do crafts, whether it's coloring, painting, or using stickers.  He almost always uses his left hand, so it looks like he's going to be a lefty.

2011-05-04 12-39-18_0017wm

5.  He loves helping in the yard, although his favorite thing to do in the garden right now is to shovel dirt and then fling it all over the place- or all over Mommy or Daddy if we're nearby.

2011-05-08 19-26-28_0052wm

6.  The other night he told us his first joke:  "Knock knock!  Who's There! Mommy!  Ha ha ha ha ha!!"  He doesn't quite get yet that he's supposed to let the other person take part in the joke but he cracks himself up anyway.

2011-05-08 19-30-24_0064wm

7.  He's a serious smartypants.  Take him to the grocery store and he spends the entire time pointing out numbers and letters.  "Look Mommy!  Number 10!" he'll yell.  He recognizes all of the letters (capital letters at least- we're just starting to point out lower-case letters to him).  The other night he was eating dinner at Granny and Papa's house and they'd served him green beans. I said to him, "You need to eat at least one green bean," (that's our new, mostly followed rule- you have to take at least one bite of everything) and he said "I can't Mama- I too busy!"  "Busy doing what?" I said.  "Makin' letter "T"!" he said, as he took 2 green beans and laid them on the table in a T shape. 

2011-05-08 19-32-13_0070wm

8.  LP is also our cautious little guy.  Paul wishes he was a bit more rough and tumble and was showing more athletic prowess but I know he'll get there.  He's not one for jumping, climbing, and throwing things- we've never had to worry that he'd try to scale the back of the couch or something, in fact, he still stays in his big boy bed until we tell him he can get out after a nap or in the morning.  He tests his limits for sure, but not so much his physical limits. 

Before his summer haircut:
2011-05-08 19-54-24_0084wm

And After!
2011-05-08 20-15-01_0085wm

9.  LP is very in tune with people's emotions.  He notices if someone looks sad or mad or happy and likes to tell us how he's feeling, "I so happy Mama!!!"

2011-05-08 20-15-11_0089wm

10.  LP has started putting himself in "Time Out" which cracks me up. I usually give him one warning before a time out, as in "please stop throwing your toys or you'll need to go sit in a time out."  He'll say, "Ok- I go in time out."  Then he walks over to the stairs, sits for a second or two, comes back and apologizes.  It's not exactly how I'd imagined the discipline going but it seems to work- he removes himself from the situation long enough to get himself back under control.  At least for now!

2011-05-08 20-15-24_0091wm

Little Paul is our sweet, smart, happy, funny little guy.  He says "bess you!" if someone sneezes, "Yes sir!" if you ask him to do something (his Papa taught him that one but he hasn't learned "Yes Ma'am" yet!), gives us (and the dogs) lots of hugs and kisses, rarely throws tantrums (fingers crossed and knocking on wood as I type this!), wakes up happy, listens well, puts up with me kissing him a thousand times a day and makes us laugh constantly.  We couldn't ask for anything more! 


  1. yay for your little lefty! he is so cute :). i can hear him saying all the things you mentioned


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