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Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, Month Eighteen

And so the little man is a year and a half old (plus a week since I'm late with this post, as usual!).  It's hard to believe! 

LP is in full-fledged toddler mode.  He's no longer a baby, and wants to make sure that we're aware of this at all times. 

Things to remember:

1.  He's starting to pick up on colors.  Yesterday he said "Bert! Wellow!!"  while looking at one of his Sesame Street books.


2.  His new obsession:  Thomas the Tank Engine ("Choo choo!!!!  Yay Choo choo!!!") We let him watch one or two short episodes before bed at night and he goes crazy for them. 

3.  Suddenly, he's taller.  He came running up to Paul and I the other day with a spoon in his hand.  When I asked where he got it he pointed to the kitchen counter.  Paul looked at me and said "since when can he reach the counter?". I said "I guess since now."  Uh-oh.


4.  His love for the outdoors is still strong.  Especially if he has a bucket of water and some tupperware to play with.  Favorite water game- dump the water down Mommy's back while she's weeding in the garden. 

5.  Food.  Ugh.  Our little man who at one point ate everything and everything has now become a typical picky eater.  One day he'll happily chow down on a bowl of spaghetti.  Give it to him a day later and he says "no no no!" and pushes it away.  The things he'll always eat no matter what?  Cheese, peanut butter, and yogurt. 


6.  Little Paul's hair is getting lighter and his eyes are getting darker.  Looks like he's going to be a brown-eyed blondie like his mommy!

7.  He's beginning to form some 2 word sentences- "Hi Daddy,"  "Night-night Socksie," etc.

8.  He's already got the first child bossiness down too.  "Babby- eat eat!!!!"  "Socksie- out out!!"

9.  LP thinks it's hysterical to mimic his daddy recently.  At the end of a meal Paul often puts his hands up behind his head and leans back in his chair.  LP will do the same in his highchair.  Too cute!

10.  He's starting some pretend play too. I bought him a little pot and pan the other day and put them in a basket with a small wooden spoon, an empty spice jar, and an old spatula and he LOVES mixing up little meals for me to eat.  He'll bring over the spoon and the pot and crack up when I pretend to eat from the spoon. Then he'll get his spice container and shake it over the pot. 



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