Feb 5, 2011

The Joy of Love, Days 3 and 4

(This month I'm participating in a photo class from Willette Photography called the Joy of Love.  It's a free photo class and is all about taking photos of the ones you love.  Every day you get an email with a little photography lesson and a prompt to follow.)

The Joy of Love has been so fun so far! The prompt for day 3 was "Then and Now."  We were supposed to capture what has changed about our loved one since we first met him and her, and to possibly show a photo from "then" along with our photo from "now."  I was going to take some photos of Paul for this challenge, but really I don't think he's changed that much (except for his clothing- I should have taken a photo of his good jeans now and compared them to his ugly tapered jeans from then!) so I decided to take photos of the one "person" (she thinks she is anyway) who's known me the longest in this house.

I got Gabby when I was living in Arlington with a couple of roommates.  I was 24 or so at the time I guess, living the single life.  Gabby was 6 months old when I got her and we were both a lot skinnier!

Here we are "then":

Gabby in car

And 8 years later, Gabby is much greyer in the face (and much larger in the body!).

2011-02-04 16-25-03_0003wm

2011-02-04 16-25-19_0005wm

She's still my crazy Gabby girl, and will always be my very first baby, but she's now also big sister to LP, little sister to our other dog Socks, and a Daddy's girl.  Our lives have changed completely since I first got Gabby- and she was there for me every step of the way, cheering me up with her kisses and cuddles and her ridiculous behavior. 

Day 4's prompt was "What They Wear."  I immediately knew I wanted to do a photo showing the size difference between Paul and LP.  I know one day LP will be tall and skinny like his Daddy, but right now he's such a peanut in comparison!  I love this shot I got of their boots side by side:

2011-02-04 14-41-13_0038 lomocopywm

Off to start photographing today's prompt:  "Love to Hate"  Oooo   soooo many ideas!  :)

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