Jan 20, 2011

Pick(ed) Up Lines....

Every day it seems that little Paul comes home with some new phrase he's heard the "big kids" saying at day care.  For the past week or so he's been saying to me "Leave me alone!"   While it is pretty funny to hear him say it, we certainly don't want him to know that we think it's funny and so we've been very stern when we tell him that it's not a nice thing to say and that we don't say things like that.  Then we laugh about it once he's left the room.

2011-01-16 15-07-24_0018wm

Every time I hear a kid repeat something they learned elsewhere it reminds me of our trip to Las Vegas last year.  LP was 14 months old and not talking very much, but our niece who lives out there was 3 and a half at the time and in nursery school.  The first night we were there we all went out to dinner.   I was sitting next to our niece who suddenly blurted out "son of a b$#&h!" when she dropped some of her food on the floor.  Her mother looked at me from across the table and it was all we could do to keep from cracking up.  Our niece was, of course, immediately told that those were naughty words and to never say them again but boy did we all have a hard time keeping a straight face.  She repeated the phrase a few hours later when her Uncle J snuck up on her from around a corner and scared her.  Apparently one of the other kids in school had taught her such lovely language.

2011-01-15 12-04-41_0009wm

This morning as I was changing LP's diaper I was singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song which is constantly stuck in my head (hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog!).  He didn't like it and said "Mama no say that!"  I replied "I'll sing if I want to, I'm in charge!"  He looked at me quizzically and then said "You no in charge!  You a girl!"  (he actually pronounces girl "greel" which is pretty darned cute.) Now before everyone starts thinking we're raising a sexist neanderthal, he went on to tell me that he's a boy, Daddy is a greel, Papa, Granny, Pappy and Nana are all greels too.  Only Paul is a boy.  No one can have two labels though- If I'm a girl I can't be in charge too!

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This morning I asked LP to give me a kiss.  I said "thank you!" after he kissed me, and he replied "no problem!"

He's full of it lately, and gets funnier every day. 

In other LP news, he's finally starting to figure out his colors.  We were a bit worried as he's been so quick to pick up shapes and letters but couldn't seem to get his colors straight.  He's pretty good at identifying things in relation to the Thomas Train that's the same color- red apples are red like James, Daddy's car is blue like Thomas.  He knows at least half of the letters in the alphabet and has started "reciting" his abcs, mainly just getting the tune right and not so much the actual letters.  He's figured out how to work my iPad (hello child of the computer age) and loves playing with the few apps I've downloaded just for him- apps that go through the letters or ask him to pick which apple looks different from the others.  He gets limited iPad time, 10 minutes a few times a week, and always with Mommy or Daddy sitting with him and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with how much he's learned from it in just a few weeks.  Would he have learned these things with paper flashcards instead of a computer screen?  Absolutely! We bust out our flashcards quite frequently around here.  But he loves using the iPad and as long as he's learning from it, we're ok with that.  After all, he's of a generation that is growing up completely surrounded by technology.  We might as well take advantage of the positive things technology has to offer...  and if it saves me from 10 minutes of Barney on t.v. I'm MORE than thrilled...

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