Dec 14, 2010

Some Holiday Projects....

Every year I like to add a few new things to our holiday decorations.  This year I found some adorable holiday fabric and was able to sneak in a few minutes here and there to whip up some new pillow covers for our couch:

2010-12-06 20-37-17_0004

2010-12-06 20-37-24_0005

2010-12-06 20-37-32_0006

I also realized I never shared photos of Little Paul's Christmas stocking.  When I was born my mother made my Christmas stocking, using a Bucilla kit.  It's made out of felt and embroidered, beaded, and sequined.  I took photos of my stocking recently  but apparently forgot to download them from my camera.  In the meantime here's a photo of the kit she used:

When I met Paul I found out he didn't have a Christmas stocking so I decided to make a similar stocking for him and for each of our dogs (not having any idea how much time they take to make!).  I ordered the kits, started one of the dog stockings, and then put it all away and didn't work on them again. 

After we found out that we were pregnant with LP I ordered another stocking kit for him.  After all, he was due on Dec. 6 and we couldn't have Christmas without a stocking for him!  I didn't end up finishing it in time, but it was ready for his second Christmas last year! 

2010-12-06 20-38-14_0011

2010-12-06 20-38-11_0010

2010-12-06 20-37-42_0007

So now I'm frantically working on Paul's stocking, so that he's not the only one without a fancy embroidered and sequined stocking hanging on our mantel.  The directions for these stockings are pages long, and each piece is cut from felt, embroidered, sequined, and then appliqued onto the stocking base by hand.  It takes many many hours to finish one. Fortunately, I'm a night owl who enjoys watching crappy t.v. so I just curl up on the couch and stitch away! 

This is the one I'm working on for Paul:

I'm pretty close to finishing it- just have the animals left to do so I'm on track for getting it done by the time Santa comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve!  The dogs, however, will have to wait another year!

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