Dec 26, 2010


We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Both my parents and Paul's parents joined us this year and I'm pretty sure LP was more excited to see all of his grandparents standing in the living room when he came downstairs Christmas morning than he was about all of the presents under the tree!

I have many photos and details to share but wanted to pop on tonight to share a few of my favorite photos...

Christmas Eve, LP all dressed up in his fancy duds from Aunt Cindi:

2010-12-24 20-22-34_003220101226

2010-12-24 20-40-15_003820101226

And opening his stocking Christmas morning....

2010-12-25 10-24-51_004820101226

Everyone was very spoiled with presents this year, especially me... Paul said he'd cut back but I should have known better... he told me my "big present" was the Silhouette SD craft cutter I've been wanting. Then he handed me a present that was labelled as being from LP. Opened the box expecting it to be a book or something and it was an IPad!!! I was (and still am) completely shocked.... I'm loving it though and am blogging from it right now!

Seriously folks, I've got the best hubby ever (and not just because he buys me awesome presents!)

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful holiday season as well!

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