Dec 30, 2010

Christmas Around Our House

I thought I'd share some photos I took of our Christmas decorations this year.  I use mostly the same decorations from year to year but change up where I put them.  This year I went with a somewhat "glitzy" theme in the dining room.

Our Advent calendar and vintage Christmas tree sat on top of the bookshelf in the dining room, along with our Christmas elf:

2010-12-29 17-44-55_0058

2010-12-29 17-45-17_0061

On the sideboard I used our crystal candlesticks and some fancy Christmas trees I made a few years ago out of styrofoam cones, lace, ribbons and buttons (with a lot of help from my trusty glue gun!):

2010-12-29 17-34-32_0013

2010-12-29 17-34-59_0016

This year's menu for Christmas dinner was on display:

2010-12-29 17-35-06_0017

In the dining room window we always hang these large glittered pine cones that I adore.  Our honeymoon was in Lake Tahoe where they have GIANT pine cones and ever since then I've loved decorating with pine cones as it reminds me of our honeymoon. 

The garland was made from wine corks that mostly came from our wedding reception.  I'm not sure who thought to save all those corks but somebody did and somehow I ended up with them.  I used a dremel to drill small holes in the them and then just strung them together....

2010-12-29 17-35-19_0018

2010-12-29 17-36-28_0023

Under the pine cones we put out a few of my Department 56 Dickens' Village buildings.  I've been collecting these for a while, they remind me of the year I spent in England in college.  We put Victoria Station, Regents Coffee House, and the Yuengling Brewery (which is not from Dickens' Village but is a Pennsylvania brewery) out along with a few small figurines. I was a little worried about these being at LP's eye level but he did very well.  There was one small incident but it was easily fixed with some glue....

2010-12-29 17-35-42_0019

More village pieces went out on the shelf above the fireplace which runs across the whole width of the room.  Westminster Abbey was on display:

2010-12-29 17-38-42_0030

Along with the Big Ben Clocktower and the Old Royal Observatory:

2010-12-29 17-38-54_0032

Here's the stocking my mother made for me when I was a baby, along with Gabby's new stocking from Grammy and Paul's stocking (I ALMOST finished the stocking I was working on for him but didn't quite get it done.  Next year!)

2010-12-29 17-39-36_0037

And here's Little Paul's stocking along with Socks'.

2010-12-29 17-39-57_0039

A shot of one of our snow globes with the tree in the background:

2010-12-29 17-38-09_0029

One of our newest ornaments- my grandmother gave us this gorgeous covered bridge this year:

2010-12-29 17-40-21_0041

I've been collecting star ornaments for a while now, here's one of my favorites:

2010-12-29 17-40-51_0043

And although it's hard to see in this photo, a few years ago Paul went out to buy us some new Christmas lights and came home with these pine cone shaped lights- he knew I'd love them!

2010-12-29 17-41-38_0046

One of LP's favorites, Bob the Builder:

2010-12-29 17-41-49_0047

The whole tree....

2010-12-29 17-42-31_0050

I decorate the railing on our stairs differently every year.  This year it had swags of pine cone garland with berries and flickering candle lights (these are very hard to photograph!):

2010-12-29 17-42-12_0048

We also did a little tree for LP in the office/play room on top of the coffee table which had been moved in here temporarily. We filled the Advent calendar with small ornaments for him to hang on his tree every night. 

2010-12-29 17-44-06_0055

And we put all of his Christmas books out on display, including the Pennsylvania Dutch version of "The Night Before Christmas," which starts out with "It vas night before Christmas, und all over the farm...."

2010-12-29 17-44-12_0056

The house looks so pretty with all of our holiday decorations up.  We'll probably start taking the tree and things down this weekend but I like to leave things up longer that aren't specifically for Christmas- that way I get to enjoy my Dicken's Village and our pretty garlands a bit longer!

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