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Today, after several days of celebrating with visiting family and friends, (and way too many presents) Little Paul officially turned 2.  And all I can think (which is such a cliche) is that these two years have gone by so fast.   

Precious little guy....

And I know I'm probably the millionth-billionth mother to ever say this, but wasn't he just born?... 
Little Paul

Wasn't it just yesterday that he weighed less than 6 pounds and fit just so in the crook of my arm?...
3-20-2009 2-17-32 PM86 copy

Didn't he just learn how to hold his head up?...
4-22-2009 3-10-40 PM13 copy

And figured out that he has (gasp!!) HANDS to chew on!!??
4-29-2009 4-41-50 PM3 copy

And didn't LP just learn how to express his displeasure for light blue hooded sweaters?
5-22-2009 3-51-33 PM84 copy

Didn't he just start taking in the whole big world around him?
9-1-2009 4-48-38 PM76 copy

I could have sworn that Little Paul just learned to sit up, so proudly, on his own...

9-1-2009 5-09-05 PM215 copy
11-14-2009 3-25-31 PM_0048

And that we just celebrated his first birthday with some yummy, sugary cake...


Didn't LP learn how to walk, all by himself, just moments ago?

5-21-2010 7-18-02 PM_0061

And how to make mean faces at his mommy?

2010-07-21 17-25-30_0029

Who ever told him he was allowed to go from a baby to a little boy?

2010-09-24 13-14-45_0114

Who let him grow up so fast?

2010-10-22 11-30-45_0013

How did this happen?

2010-11-13 21-04-32_0083

And now Little Paul is two.  Big boy two.  And he's bright, and mischievous and oh so sweet.  He sleeps in a "big boy bed" in his "big boy room" and he knows that babies drink from bottles and crawl on the floor and take a lot of naps and that he's "not a baby."  LP is speaking in full sentences, 5 or 6 or sometimes 7 words strung together and we can have actual conversations with him.  He knows that we have rules in this house, rules like "No kick people.  Kick balls!  Outside kick balls!"  He knows that if he leaves his cup of cheerios on the floor the dog will eat it.  And he knows that if the dog eats his cheerios he can punish her by telling her to "go to bed Gabby!  bed!" 

He knows that if he doesn't say "juice, please" Mommy won't fill up his cup, and he knows that if he doesn't want something he should say "no, thank you!"  He's learned that Daddy is more of a pushover than Mommy, and that sometimes all you have to do to get what you want is make a pouty face.  He knows how to do puzzles, how to help empty the dishwasher, and how to put (aka throw) his cup in the sink when he's done with it.  He knows that it's a special treat to sit on Mommy and Daddy's bed and watch a tv show, and that the desk chair in the office is "Mommy's chair."  LP can kick a ball, tell people how old he is, and loves to play matching games and hide and seek. 

LP has grown in so many ways, and, like him, Paul and I have grown too.  We're now (lightly) seasoned parents, and our relationship with each other is stronger than ever.  We work together at raising LP, and are hoping to raise him in such a way that brings out the best in him.  We're there when he needs us, but we also know when to step back, when to let him figure things out for himself.  We know when to push him to try again, and when to let him run to us to be picked up when he gets nervous.  We know when to give in, and when not to (mostly!).  And we know that, so far at least, we must be doing something right.  We've learned more about ourselves as individuals, as a couple, as parents, and as a family in these past two years than we ever expected.

So happy second birthday Little Paul!  Daddy and I hope that you continue to be such a happy, easy-going, and inquisitive little guy.  Our biggest hugs and kisses to our best little buddy...


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