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Halloween, 2010

Last year we sort of skipped Halloween in lieu of letting my in-laws babysit LP so that we could go out to dinner sans baby.  This year, however, we thought LP might just be old enough to enjoy it and so we were thrilled to be invited to trick or treat with friends who live in a great family neighborhood (the road we live on is pretty busy and we don't get any trick or treaters at all....)

In the afternoon Grammy and Papa came over to see LP in his costume and to bring him a basket full of candy and coloring books.  We'd planned for LP to be a monkey as a friend had passed along her son's out-grown monkey outfit.  Unfortunately, LP absolutely refused to put it on, yelling at me, "no like it! No like it Mama!"

And so, like many other parents, I resorted to throwing together a last minute, very homemade costume.

During Little Paul's nap I ran downstairs, grabbed an old t-shirt I'd been saving for scraps, and some fleece fabric.  I whipped up a quick James the Train (James is one of the trains from the Thomas the Tank Engine series, for anyone out there who is not up on their toddler toys).  I'd planned to do Thomas himself but didn't have enough blue fabric and had to opt for James instead.

5 minutes before LP woke up (and so, about 10 minutes before we left for dinner and trick-or-treat with our friends) I glued and stitched the last little pieces on.  I ran upstairs to show it to Paul who looked at the costume a bit sideways and said "it's a little rough" and thought that LP would probably refuse to wear costume attempt #2. 

I knew Little Paul's train obsession would come through though and he was super excited to wear the costume- talking the whole car ride to our friends' house about how he was going to show Reagan his costume (Reagan is the 2 year old daughter of our friends). 

Unfortunately, in the mad dash out of the house I managed to forget my camera.  I'd changed the lens, and I put my external flash in my bag but somehow left the actual camera sitting on the counter and so the only photos I got were horribly lit, rather blurry phone photos.  Sometime this week I'll try to get some better photos.

trick or treat

We took the little kids to 3 or 4 houses and Little Paul seemed to really enjoy himself- he was rather surprised when people kept putting candy in his bucket and said "thank you" and Happy Halloween" very nicely.  It was chilly out though and so we quickly retired the wagon and the costumes in favor of the warmth of the house, wine for the grownups, and handing out candy to at least a hundred trick or treaters.


After about an hour of handing out candy LP came up to me and said "Jacket on!  James on!  In Wagon- go go!  C'mon!" as he wanted to go back out.  I said, "no, no, we're going to stay here with Reagan and hand out candy!"  He ran to the kitchen, pulled Reagan's bumblebee costume off the table, and brought it over to her- saying "Rea!  Bummelbee on!  Go go!  Wagon!"

Halloween 2010- a definite success all around!


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