Oct 2, 2010

Project Big Boy Bedroom: Day 1

Paul and I decided a month or so ago that for Little Paul's second birthday we'd get him a big boy bed.  Two weeks later we decided to go crazy and make him a big boy bedroom as well!  So today we got started transforming our spare bedroom (which was my sewing room temporarily) into LP's new bedroom.

Here's what we started with:

Picture 030

(except instead of my sewing things the room contained 2 spare dressers, a really ugly twin bed, and all of the baby stuff we don't use anymore- pack and play, playmat, bouncy seat, etc.)

At the end of the day we had this:

2010-10-02 18-19-36_0003

See ya later ugly fish border.  Bye-bye baby blue walls.  We're stripped and primed and ready to paint the walls tomorrow!  We also decided to paint one of the extra dressers in a dark blue to stay in the room...

Recently I purchased a new end table and lamps for our bedroom, and we have 3 different colors of paint swatches on the wall, as we'd planned on painting our bedroom first, but now, alas, our room is on hold so that we can spent the next few weekends creating a fun space for LP... (although I admit, I'm having more fun searching for inspiration and ideas for his bedroom than I do for our room!)

In other news, csnstores recently approached me about doing a review of their site and a product on my blog- yippee!  I've actually been on their site a few times lately in our search for a big boy bed and was thrilled to learn that they're actually a Boston based company.  They have more than 200 online stores and you can find almost anything you'd want!   The timing is great with our big boy bedroom makeover and I'm on the hunt for something great for LP's room to do a review of!

Next post: my Big Boy Bedroom Inspiration Board!  I know you can't wait!

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