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Lessons Learned Yesterday.....

1.  Explaining to your 85-year-old male boss that he can't just let himself into your office if a "please don't disturb" sign is posted as that means you're pumping breast milk is A-W-K-W-A-R-D for everyone involved.

2.  That nachos from Qdoba are tasty but were WAY tastier when pregnant.

3.  That a remote starter for your car is good in theory but that you should make sure you know how to use it.

4.  That the remote starter mentioned above is known to cause a glitch in your car system that makes the doors lock when you put the keys in the ignition.

5.  That having OnStar is only useful if you actually know the phone number.

6.  That you should actually memorize phone numbers instead of just relying on storing them in your cell phone.

7.  That there are still people in this world who are nice enough to help a complete stranger.

8.  That caller ID is good in theory until you're trying to call home from someone else's phone.

Have you guessed yet what happened to me yesterday?  It was my first day back at work.  Things were going well (minus the whole explaining the breast pump thing to my boss.  Was hoping not to have that conversation but he showed up at my office as I was sanitizing all the parts in the microwave and asked what I was doing....).   The day was busy and went quickly.  I caught the 5 p.m. train home and hopped off the train at 5:30 anxious to get home and see how LP's first full day of day care went.  That's when things went (as the English like to say) a bit pear-shaped.

Paul bought me a remote starter for my car for my birthday.  As I was walking off the train I pressed the button, very excited that I'd be able to jump right into a nice warm car as it was so freezing out.  I got in the car, put my bag on the front seat and put the key in the ignition.  That's when it happened.  

Normally you pay for parking in the commuter lot in the morning, putting money into a slot that corresponds with the number of the spot you parked in.  When there's snow on the ground and you can't see the numbers however you pay at the end of the day in a little envelope that they leave on your windshield.  You have to pay that day or you end up paying a fine.  I saw the envelope on my windshield and hopped out to get it, shutting the car door behind me.

Whoops.  Apparently although I'd unlocked the car to get in it all the doors were locked.  There I was, in the middle of the parking lot, with one glove (I was taking them off as I got in the car so one was on the passenger seat), the car running, and my wallet and cell phone in the car.  I ran around the car a few times trying all the doors but they were definitely locked.  I have On-Star who should be able to unlock my car remotely but didn't know the phone number.  And so I asked a stranger if I could use her cell phone, explaining what had happened.

I called Paul twice but he wasn't answering- we're big fans of caller ID and only answer if we know the caller so I quickly realized that he wasn't going to pick up.  I couldn't remember his cell number or my in-laws' phone number and started thinking that I'd have to walk to their house.  The woman asked if I lived nearby and I said that I didn't live that close but that my in-laws did.  She soooo nicely drove me to their house.  On the way I mentioned that it was my first day back from maternity leave and it turned out that she's expecting her first baby in May and is going to the Prepared Childbirth classes at the hospital that Paul and I went to so we had a lot to talk about.

When I got to my in-laws they didn't answer the door right away as they thought I was a solicitor trying to sell them cable tv or something.  After I pounded for a while they came to the door, pretty surprised to see me!  I explained what happened and they called Paul.  His dad drove me home to pick up the spare key while his mom drove over to park next to my running car to make sure no one broke into it and stole it. 

When I finally got home Paul asked me how I'd managed to lock myself out.  I told him what happened and said that I couldn't understand why the doors were locked when I'd unlocked them just seconds ago to get into the car.  That's when he explained that the remote starter is known to cause a glitch in the electronics which makes the doors lock as soon as you put the key in the ignition.  He'd known that all along but had NEVER TOLD ME!!!!  Arghh....

The good news is that LP was not in the car with me, a complete stranger was willing to let me use her cell phone and even get in her car with her, and that I got to (at last) come home to this (by the way, thanks for the new hat NaNa- it's super cute!):

3-3-2009 8-21-23 PM17 by you.

So it was an eventful first day back at work for me.... LP did well at day care, there were two 2-year old girls there who LOVED him and kept holding his hands and trying to feed him their dolly bottles which is awfully cute.  He napped and pooped and played and was very well-behaved all evening too which was great- there was no huge crying fit around 7 pm as there usually is!

Today I'm working from home and not going near my car. And I'm memorizing the OnStar phone number as well as my in-law's phone number.  I'd recommend that you all start memorizing some phone numbers too, just in case!!!


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