Apr 26, 2015

Things to Remember: Eliza Rose, 32 Months

I have been totally neglectful and haven't kept track of Things to Remember for Eliza since she turned two.  With Paul I switched from monthly updates to doing one every six months after he turned two and I totally missed Eliza's 2.5 year update.   She's now 32 months and getting closer and closer to what I've been told has now been dubbed a "threenager."   

At 32 months Eliza continues to be our drama queen- she's either very very sweet, or very very stubborn.   Her mood can change in an instant from happy to cranky and you never quite know what you're going to get.  She's mastered the evil eye and has begun rolling her eyes and saying "oh Mom..." when asked to do something she doesn't want to do (no doubt she learned that one from her brother!).

Eliza loves to dance.   She has a ballet video Nana and Pappy gave her that she ADORES and she and I are doing Mommy and Me dance at a local rec center.   Her usual dance outfit for class includes her Rapunzel dance costume and her trademark sunglasses.

Eliza's language skills are off the charts.   We were at the pediatrician for her 2.5 checkup- our first experience with our new pediatrician here in Vegas- and she wouldn't talk at all while he was in the room.   He asked me if she says any words and I told him she talks all the time, full paragraphs.   He didn't seem to believe me so I told him to step out in the hall for a minute.  The second he left the room Eliza started chatting away about everything she saw out the window, "Oh!  There's a bus- with people on it!  And there's a flag on that building!  And there's the grocery store!  And that lady is pushing her cart!" and on and on.   The pediatrician came back in and said her language skills are very advanced for her age- she just won't use them around strangers!

Eliza adores her big brother- when she's not bossing him around or shoving him away that is!  They're the best of friends for the most part and love playing silly games together.   Almost daily they play Peter Pan- and they both run around singing the songs from Peter Pan Live...

Eliza is very sure about what she will and won't wear.   She definitely has her own style, particularly with accessories and is rarely without her sunglasses (frequently worn upside-down).   Lately she's been gravitating towards "sparkly" things- we thought we could avoid the whole "princess" scene but somehow she's figured it out and she has quite a collection of "jewels" that she likes to wear.  

Eliza loves to help with chores- she has her own little spray bottle of cleaner and cleans the dishwasher and the fridge almost every day with it.  She also likes to do laundry and she particularly enjoys brushing the dog. 

She dropped her naps right around her second birthday but still needs a little cat-nap once in a while.   Sometimes she'll nap in her stroller on the way to pick up Paul at school or she'll lay down on the couch and snooze a bit before dinner.  She still holds tight to her lovies and sucks her left thumb when she's tired.  

Eliza brings so much light and joy to our house (along with a good dose of stubbornness!) and we love her more than anything!

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