Dec 17, 2014

A Long Overdue Update....

In my last post I dropped the big bomb that we were relocating to Las Vegas.   Two months later, here we are!  And here's a long overdue update (mostly photos taken on my phone!) of our journey from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania to Nevada and how we're settling in so far!

Our moving truck (#1 of 2!) was delivered to our home in Massachusetts on a Thursday. 

On Friday we loaded up most of the furniture with some hired help.   

Saturday morning the kids and I said one more goodbye to friends and then hit the road to Pennsylvania. Paul stayed behind to load up the last few things before starting on his road trip to Nevada.

The kids and I drove 6 hours to spend the next ten days in Pennsylvania with my parents- packing in as many visits with family and friends as we could!

We were lucky enough to be able to see my grandmother and aunts, my college roomie and her kids, and my brother and his family before we left.

While we were visiting Pennsylvania Paul was driving across country with the dog and his friend for company.  He stopped in PA on the way for a brief overnight visit- which meant we were able to have breakfast together on our 8th anniversary before he hit the road again!

A few days later the kids and I hopped on a plane to Vegas...

Thank goodness for tvs on the backs of the seats!   LP and Eliza were so well- behaved on the whole flight- I was very proud of them! (and oh so thankful that it went well!)

After arriving in Vegas we stayed with Paul's parents for a few days before we could close on the new house.  We flew in on a Tuesday and on Wednesday night Paul and I were able to finally see the new place in person!

Hello... desert!  And mountains!   So different from Massachusetts!

The front of the house...

Checking out our new kitchen (which coincidentally has the same cabinet color and the exact same granite we installed in our Massachusetts kitchen!):

We moved in most of our things on Thursday, 

And spent our first night in the house on Friday which was Halloween.   Jango Fett from Star Wars was in attendance:

And Scooby-Doo made a very brief appearance.   We actually didn't have a costume for Eliza as she hadn't wanted one previously.  Our new next-door-neighbor heard that she didn't have a costume and found one of her kid's old costumes for Eliza to wear.   So sweet and such a great introduction to our new neighborhood!    Halloween was fantastic- the kids loved being in a neighborhood where everyone was out for trick-or-treat, it's exactly the kind of neighborhood we'd hoped for!

Two wiped out kids after all the hubbub!

Some other little things.   Here's the view from our master bedroom balcony- I love seeing the mountains everywhere!

This is our neighborhood playground- we pass it on the way to school:

The park the playground is in is called the Promenade- it runs behind our neighborhood and down to the street that the school is on.   Such a pleasant walk to school!

LP's first day of school was a little tough but once he learned the new school rules he was happy as a clam and is really enjoying it so far!

And Eliza loves hearing the bell ring for school to start and end- "Bye bye Paul" she yells as he lines up for school to begin:

We love that our street has hardly any traffic and we can get lots of scooter time in:

I love having an eat-in kitchen!

And the house is feeling more like home every day...

We spend most of our time at home in the family room and kitchen, but we also have a bonus family room and a playroom upstairs.  It's so nice to have extra space!

And I love the sunsets here.. This is outside of Paul's school when we went over for Parent/Teacher conferences....

So we're getting settled.  It's been hectic, moving right before the holidays, but we hosted Thanksgiving and will be hosting Christmas as well.  We've already made some changes to the house (lights over the kitchen island and cabinet pulls on all the doors!) and have many more in store for the future- including landscaping our back yard!  

While I wouldn't say that Las Vegas feels like home yet, our house itself does, and we're all very comfortable here.  I'm learning my way around and can get to quite a few places without my GPS which is good.   And we're really happy with all the extra family time we've had.

So far, so good!

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