May 27, 2014

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month 21

Wow, I’m a terrible blogger lately.   It’s been a month since my last post, and I can’t even say it’s because we’ve been super busy- it’s really just because I’ve been lazy.  That and I just haven’t had anything terribly exciting to post about- sure, I could write about “life as a stay at home mom” but who wants to hear about how I got a little crazy at lunch time and cut the sandwiches into squares instead of triangles, risking the wrath of the little minions waiting for their sandwiches?  That’s about as exciting as it gets around here…
But, Eliza is very quickly coming up on the two year mark, and I don’t want to neglect the last few monthly “Things to Remember” posts.   So here’s Month 21.

Over the past month Eliza has taken things from “red pepper” to “habanero” on the spicy scale.  It seems like every day she gets more demanding, more dramatic, more bossy, and more feisty.   I imagine that all of these personality traits will help her in the long run- she won’t let anyone mess with her- but right now, phew!  It can be tough to manage.   Paul told me to night at dinner that if he hadn’t been there when she was born he would have sworn that she couldn’t possibly be my daughter.   We might look alike (people insist we do, although I don’t see it) but she is definitely NOT a “mini-me.”  


Eliza still insists on wearing leg warmers on her arms whenever she has a short sleeve shirt on.   I guess it’s her thing- quite stylish!  She’s been ok so far with cropped pants on although we haven’t attempted shorts quite yet. 


She is also very decisive about which shoes she’s going to wear.   Lately it’s all about her “Anna-Pappy Shoes!” (aka the shoes Nana and Pappy sent her).   She will not go barefoot, not even in the house.   She must have her shoes or her Elmo socks on her feet.



Paul started karate a few months ago and has learned to count to ten in Japanese.   Eliza can count to two and can often be heard saying, “ichi, ni…. ichi, ni….”   Other favorite words are “careful!,” “move!” and the always popular with the under two set, “MINE!”



Eliza is still a great sleeper- fingers crossed, knock on wood.   She takes one nap mid-afternoon and lately has been asking to go up to bed at naptime.   At bedtime she absolutely MUST go for a horsey ride on Daddy’s knee before going upstairs.  “Trot-trot!” she says as she climbs onto his lap.   “Ready!  Go!!!”   She gets one ride where she falls off the horse and one “Trot-Trot to Mama” who is waiting with the pile of stuffed animals that now accompany Eliza down the stairs in the morning and up to the crib for naptime and bedtime.   She has 2 identical “lovies” (stuffed owls with little blankets attached), a Beanie Baby shaped like a dachshund (“Gabby doggy!), a large Ikea dog (“big doggy!”), a medium dog with cupcakes on it (just “dog”) and a large stuffed dog she’s named “Quack.”  It’s quite the entourage.



Just like her brother, Eliza has very good manners (when she’s not throwing a huge fit).   “Thank you!  Welcome!” she says, and “cuse me!” if she burps.   “Please!  More!” she’ll yell if she needs something.  She hands me my towel after almost every shower and yells gleefully, “WELCOME!!!”


She’s really just too much fun- this age, with the exception of the temper tantrums is one of my favorites.  Every day Eliza is learning something new- whether it’s stringing words together or walking down the stairs by herself, every time I turn around she’s just a tiny bit bigger.  And a whole lot spicier!

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