Apr 28, 2014

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month 20

Time is moving too quickly around here and I totally missed Eliza’s 19 month “Things to Remember.”  Oh well, I’m the first to admit that I’m not perfect!

While LP and Eliza have been on pretty much the same exact track developmentally (here’s LP’s 20 month Things to Remember for comparison) they do have very different personalities.   LP has always been a pretty easy going kid; he’s not terribly fussy about things and when he gets mad or upset he gets over it pretty quickly.   At his 20 month pediatrician checkup he was nice and calm the whole time.   We had Eliza’s checkup this morning and it was polar opposites!   She’s very fussy lately about not having clothes on and got mad at me when I undressed her.  She yelled at the nurse, wouldn’t look at or talk to the doctor, and screamed bloody murder when they did her shots.   As soon as we put her clothes back on she was all smiles.   The good news is that she’s gaining weight and growing nicely- in fact, she’s a little taller than the average girl her age!    I was almost always the shortest girl in my class so I’m pretty excited about that.  I guess having a 6’2” tall Daddy has paid off!


Like her brother at this age, Eliza knows a TON of words.  She’s started stringing a few into sentences as well, saying things like “Mama sit down!” and “Doggy!  Outside, go!”   The doctor asked if she knows at least 10 words but she’s easily over 100 at this point.   At dinner the other night we had sriracha out on the table.  Eliza is OBSESSED with ketchup and wanted us to give her some sriracha.   I explained that it was spicy and since then she’s been walking around saying “sssspppicy!” under her breath.   She also, somehow (probably from her brother) learned the word “disgusting.”  LP has a book about how his body works and Eliza loves to open it to the page about muscles, say “sssgusting!” and then slam the book closed while cackling to herself.   


This baby girl of ours makes the funniest faces.   She’s very expressive.   Paul always had a lot of words but Eliza has taken body language over the edge.   She throws major tantrums and hissy fits several times a day. 


Eliza LOVES her big brother.  Except when she doesn’t want him anywhere near her and is screaming at him.   She’s pretty fickle that way.   And heaven forbid he tries to sit too close to Mama- that’s a major no-no in Eliza’s book!


Eliza LOVES to color.  She sits down at the coloring table at least 5 times a day.   Her favorite coloring book is Minnie Mouse.   “Coggy Mina!” she says…


Eliza loves to help with chores- emptying the dishwasher, spraying and wiping things, and sweeping.   She also loves to “cean up” which is great and highly encouraged!


I mentioned before that she’s fussy about having her clothes off.   If her pant legs ride up or her sleeves are pushed up she’ll come over to me and whine until I fix them.   We’ve put her in short sleeves a couple of times this spring and she freaks out until we put those little Babyleg leg warmers on her arms.   Paul likes to call her his little Amish baby and I think he’s secretly encouraging her to cover her arms and legs.   It might make for a pretty sweaty summer though!


If I had to pick one word to describe Eliza at 20 months it would be “spunky.”  “Ssssspppicy!” would work too!  She knows what she wants and doesn’t want.   As long as she’s getting her own way she’s the sweetest little thing, but watch out world if you cross her!   Love this munchkin!

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