Oct 10, 2013

10 on 10: October

10 on 10:
Ten photos taken during one day or event, documenting that day or event, and posted on the tenth of the month.
These photos are from an afternoon at home…..   lunch, play time, dinner prep, and more play time….

_DSC7950-Edit copy

_DSC7956-Edit copy

_DSC7982-Edit copy

_DSC7993-Edit copy

_DSC8015-Edit copy

_DSC8043-Edit copy

_DSC8057-Edit copy

_DSC8065-Edit copy

_DSC8081-Edit copy

_DSC8082-Edit copy

Please head on over to:
To see Rachel’s 10 on 10!


  1. I think I need your taco recipe ;) Sweet photos!

  2. Emily these are awesome! Hide and seek are you kidding me...LOVE!

  3. Gosh, I'm thinking you need to get into food photography too....your food is so beautiful!

  4. Ummm…yum! That looks delicious! Two kids AND you make your own noodles??? Impressive! Yeah, I think you need to do food photography, too. :) And I love the shot of the back of your little one walking. Her arms and little leg up are precious!

  5. Yummies and cuteness all in one post. Love it! I may have to pull out the muffin tins - love the idea of using it for snacks. :)



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