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Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, 10 Months

In the last four weeks Eliza has gone from merely rolling around on the floor to crawling all over and trying to pull herself up to standing.  She is on the go, always, and into everything she can reach.
She’s up to 7 teeth (2 more since 9 months!- with at least 2 more about to break through!) and at her most recent checkup weighed in at 17 lbs, 9 oz (2 pounds lighter than LP was at this age).  She is 27.6 inches long (just about the same as LP).  Funnily enough, even though she’s lighter she’s in the 25th percentile for weight while LP was only in the 10th at this age.  I guess it’s since she’s a girl.

Eliza loves to play “so big!”, raising her arms (and whatever she’s holding) over her head if someone says, “how big is Eliza??”
She’s been enjoying our little kiddie pool, at least as long as big brother is there to entertain her.
She LOVES the dogs and usually be found following them around, trying to pull their ears and grab their tails.  Fortunately they’re pretty good at putting up with the attention.
Frequently when naptime is over (and sometimes in the middle of the night) she’s found standing  up in her crib, hanging on for dear life with wobbly legs… I often have to go in at nighttime and lay her back down as she’s standing up, crying.
When we lay her down to sleep she immediately grabs for her lovey (one of those little stuffed animals with a blanket attached), pulling it over her face while sucking on her left thumb.
She says Mama and Dada (just the sounds though- she’s not really saying our names yet) and babbles non-stop.   Between her and LP (and the barking dogs), it is NEVER quiet in our house between the hours of 7 am and 9pm.
Eliza is very much a mommy’s girl right now, preferring for me to hold her if I’m in the room.  However she quite willingly goes to the childcare room at the YMCA and the ladies at the Y fight over who gets to play with her when she’s there.
Eliza Rose is smiley almost all the time- she gets upset if she’s hungry or if her teeth are bothering her but is otherwise smiling and giggling the majority of the time.  She’s the sweetest baby in the world, at least in the eyes of this completely biased mom….


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