May 20, 2013

Paul Thomas: Things to Remember, 4.5

As of May 17 Paul is four and a half years old.  That extra “and a half” is very important to him!
At 4.5 LP is (still) a major chatterbox.  If he’s not talking, he’s singing.  If he’s not singing, he’s humming.  If he’s not humming, he’s asleep.  There is no mute button.  Our days are FILLED with “Mom, what does ____ mean?” , “Mom, why does ____?”,  “Mom, what is this?”, “Watch this,” and “Look at me!”  While we’re very glad that he’s so inquisitive it can be exhausting! 
At 4.5 Paul goes back and forth between being right-handed and left-handed.  I’d say he’s naturally a leftie but is pretty good with the right too and often switches crayons, forks, etc. from one hand to the other.  Big Paul is teaching him bat leftie as apparently leftie pro baseball players make more money.
LP’s current obsession is Star Wars.  He still loves playing Toy Story, dinosaurs, castle, cars and trains, but 75% of the time he’s walking, talking, breathing Star Wars.  For a girl who watched the original movies back when I was a kid and was never that into them, I sure know my Star Wars characters now!
LP is still very cautious at the playground.  He’ll occasionally go down a slide but generally is happy just to run around.  He LOVES to make new friends at the playground and will happily play freeze tag with anyone available.
From the start LP has been an amazing big brother and Eliza thinks he’s pretty much the best thing ever.  LP is always stopping what he’s doing to hug and kiss his baby sister…
LP isn’t reading on his own yet but knows all of the letter sounds and is pretty good at figuring out what letter things start with.  He’s definitely interested in learning to read (mainly so that he can read his Lego Star Wars sticker book to himself over and over again) so we’ve been working on it together.
When we’re out in public we get many compliments from strangers about how well-behaved LP is.  He always says “excuse me” when he wants to ask us something, he thanks people who hold doors for us, and he LOVES to strike up conversations with anyone he can find.  He’s always introducing me to people.  “This is my mommy. Her name is Mommy,”  he’ll say to the cashier at the grocery store, “and I’m Paul.  And this is my baby sister Eliza.  And my daddy is at work.  His name is Daddy.” 
Of course we’re totally biased but Paul and I think LP is the funniest, smartest, cutest kid in the world.  Wouldn’t trade him for a million trillion dollars.

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