Apr 26, 2013

April: What Spring Looks Like

(Welcome to anyone who made their way here from Christina Benge’s Spring post!)

This month’s photography theme is “Spring.”  Spring has been pretty hit or miss around these parts.  The weather has been beautiful one day and crappy the next.  Living and working near Boston we’ve been on pins and needles after the bombing of the Boston Marathon.  And a nasty cold has worked it’s way through three of the four members of our household over the past two weeks.   I haven’t been terribly inspired by Spring so far!

Yesterday LP felt well enough to go outside for a little while so I asked him to help me with my photos. I told him I needed to photograph things that were “springy.”   He looked at me and said- “I’m Springy! Take a picture!”  He then proceeded to jump and down while yelling “BOING” as though he were a spring.


After all that “springing” he had to sit for a bit and catch his breath in between coughs.


So for us, Spring this year is runny noses:


Muddy paws:


Sunhats mixed in with fleece jackets:


Too much of this:


And not enough of this:


Hopefully we’re just about past the yuckiness and can all move on!

Now go see what Spring means to Carrie Hyche at Heart of the West Photography in Wheatland, WY!


  1. Awww, bummer on the runny noses! Sweet shots though and great narrative!

  2. Oh I love how "real" these images and your story are! Some days it really is about the medicine and kleenex boxes and I am so happy you captured those everyday details because they are part of your family story - well done.

  3. Awww poor little guy. My kids have been sick this month too. I can't wait for weather to warm up.

  4. These are all great shots. I really enjoyed reading your post - I hope your kiddo feels better and life begins to return to normal after the Boston Marathon....

  5. My heart and thoughts have been with all you living in Boston. I hope that you and your family are on your way to full health. I love your "springy" little boy. Such cute images.

  6. Such fun images! I can relate to the spring colds! its allergy season for my kiddos, no fun! Hope ya'll feel better soon!

  7. Great images! Wishing you and your family a happy, healthier spring:)

  8. Great images! Wishing you a happy, healthier spring:)



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