Apr 10, 2013

10 on 10: April

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10 on 10:
Ten photos taken during one day or event, documenting that day or event, and posted on the tenth of the month.
(welcome to anyone coming over from Kate Suzanne Photography!)

The end of March was busy with Easter and a trip to Pennsylvania for the kids and me.  The Easter Bunny made more than one appearance.  He arrived the weekend before Easter at our house so that Daddy could take part in the festivities.  Then the kids and I loaded up the car for the drive to Nana and Pappy’s house to spend Easter weekend with my parents, brothers, and their families.

So here’s my 10 on 10: Easter Edition.

We held our third annual “indoor Easter egg hunt”- expanding into the dining room this year with clues in each egg that led to the baskets hidden in the toy chest…


The Easter Bunny treated our little Bunny quite well…   


On our way to Pennsylvania we stopped in New Jersey to visit my grandmother, GG to the kids….


And the following day my college bestie came to visit with her children and met Eliza for the first time…


Love how well our children play with each other, even though we see them so rarely...


The day before Easter we participated in the same church egg hunt that my brothers and I went to as kids.   Eliza and her cousin cleaned up in the “2 and Under” age group as there was only one other participant…


Later in the day LP made a new friend at the playground- a special girl friend who he followed around all afternoon even though she knocked him off the seesaw.  He even braved the merry-go-round for her!


And Eliza had her first ride in the swing and LOVED it!


Easter Sunday we tried for a cute shot of the cousins all dressed up….


And snapped one of my brothers and I with all the kids (the coordinating purples were completely unplanned!)


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  1. Oh my Eliza! How cute is she?!!! They're all precious! What a fun Easter and that was lucky on the coordinating outfits. Great pic!

  2. Beautiful day! I love the hidden basket idea.

  3. What great photos! The kids are so cute! It looks like such a nice Easter Sunday!

  4. That little girl is PRECIOUS! What a doll, and those cheeks, oooh, I'd be kissing them all day long :). What a wonderful week you captured!

  5. What a great Easter day! Your children are adorable - just love the shot of Eliza at the egg hunt - so precious! (I am a follower PAer too!)



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