Mar 4, 2013

Monday Snapshot: My Handyman


Since Monday’s Snapshot is usually a photo of Eliza or LP I thought I’d share one of my partner in crime this week instead.   He’s my own personal handyman (seen here through our kitchen window taking apart and fixing our wood chipper), my other half, my solid rock, my main man.   He’s not the most demonstrative when it comes to how he feels- there’s little to no cuddling or sappy talk but he shows me every day how much he loves us by taking such good care of the kids, the dogs, our house, our cars, and me.  I consider myself a lucky, lucky lady.



This is part of PAIL’s Monday Snapshot! Check out more entries here!



  1. I have a handyman hubby as well - it's awesome!

  2. Is he for hire? My husband is excellent at crunching numbers, but tools are NOT his thing....You are one very LUCKY woman!



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