Mar 11, 2013

Monday Snapshot: Grammy Edition

Today my mother-in-law, LP and Eliza’s Grammy came over to say goodbye as she’s moving to Las Vegas tomorrow..  Papa is staying behind to sell the house before he joins her in a couple of months.

LP and Grammy are very close.  Grammy and Papa live in the next town over so LP has been able to have many sleepovers at Grammy and Papa’s house.  

We weren’t sure if LP really understood that Grammy was leaving and that it would be a long time until he gets to see her again.   We’ve been telling him that she’s leaving to go live near his cousins in Las Vegas and that we’d have to fly to see her.  Today I explained that we wouldn’t be able to see Grammy all the time, that she’d live far away just like Nana and Pappy do and we looked at the map but I wasn’t sure how much he really understood- every time Grammy has gone to Las Vegas before she’s come back after a week or so.

The goodbyes went well until he wanted to go with Grammy and Papa and we had to hold him back to keep him from trying to get out the door.  Many tears were shed.   We’ve promised to visit soon, Skype frequently, and that he can call Grammy on the phone whenever he wants….

So for today’s Snapshot, a photo of the kiddos with their Grammy, taken last week:


We love you Grammy!


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  1. I'm sorry to hear that Grammy's leaving, but you've captured a lovely moment between her and her grandkids. Hope you can all enjoy some time together again soon!

  2. That would be so hard! I know he'll be OK, but it does have to be hard.



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