Mar 19, 2013

Drooly Mc Drooler…

Eliza is cutting some more teeth, apparently.  She got two in a matter of days a few weeks ago and is chewing and drooling like crazy so we’re pretty sure more are coming.  LP had a full set of teeth by the time he was 1 so we’re not surprised that Eliza is getting so many teeth so quickly…

With the drooling though, she’s a soggy mess.   You can’t hold her without getting soaked and we go through about 5 shirts a day.  So I decided to make her some cute drool bibs using a couple of free patterns and tutorials I found online.

The first one I made is called the “Bapron.”  I found the pattern and tutorial on “Craftiness is not Optional.”  It’s sooooo stinkin’ cute!   I used flannel for the top and backed it with some PUL I had on hand from my cloth diaper making escapades… (PUL is waterproof fabric).   I trimmed it out in some bias tape I had on hand (it ties behind the neck) and it took me about half an hour start to finish…

Here’s Eliza modeling her Bapron:




The second pattern I used was for more of a bandana style bib.  I found it on the blog “Non Dairy Diary.”  I used flannel again and backed it with terry cloth.  I think this one was even faster to make- mostly since I have a snap press and could add my snap that way instead of having to sew it on.


I used some of that same adorable pink floral flannel to make a second Bapron.  I see many more of both of these patterns in my future- and think I’ll make up a couple of Baprons in a laminated fabric to wear at mealtime!  I love quick and easy projects that turn out so cute!

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  1. gorgeous bebe, and loove the fabrics you used on your bapron and bandana bib! I made a few of those types myself just today!



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