Mar 11, 2013

10 on 10: March

10 on 10:
Ten photos taken during one day or event, documenting that day or event, and posted on the tenth of the month.
For March’s 10 on 10 project I decided to just focus on a regular evening during the week.  Paul gets home from work around 5 p.m. and then we have the usual dinner, bath, bedtime routines of everyday life….

Paul needs about half an hour to decompress from work when he gets home:

Then it's time for dinner.


LP loves to help give Eliza her bath:



And of course we have to spend some time admiring the cute baby in the mirror afterwards:


Once Eliza is tucked in it's time for LP to head to bed.  First we brush teeth:


Then it's story time.  Lately he's into the "Mrs. Piggle Wiggle" stories which are a favorite from my childhood.  (In fact, this might surprise my mother but I remember walking to Lafayette College with her when we were little and buying the book in the campus bookstore....)




Once the kids are in bed and Paul is asleep on the couch I get to spend some time with my other loves- fabric and my sewing machine!


Now hop on over to Heather Grace Photography to see her 10 on 10 for March! 


  1. Loooove the shot of your son helping with bath time!! And the one of you guys in the mirror. She's going to love that one esp. when she gets older :)

  2. I love the bath pictures, too! What I love most is the cheese grater next to her tub. LOL. That looks like the random stuff that was on my counter when I would bathe my kiddos in the sink. They're a bit too big for that now. Looks like you had an enjoyable evening!

  3. What a wonderful evening, Emily! Thanks for inviting us in. Love the reading shots... such special memories you have captured!

  4. Oh my! That bath shot....I just had to stare at it a bit because it's SO cute! I love the baby watching big brother. And I love the other stuff on the counter since it's a snapshot of real life. The reading photos and all the different compositions are great, too!

  5. I love Eliza looking in the's like she's saying: "Oh are CUTE, baby girl." Hahaha. Great shots!!!



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