Feb 11, 2013

Monday Snapshot- Blizzard Edition!!

I had other posts planned for today- month two of my 10 on 10 photography project but the Blizzard of 2013 decided to mess with us instead so all I can do is post a few photos I took on my phone of Blizzard Nemo.

The driveway. The tree on the left is hanging onto the driveway due to the weight of the snow.

We came through the storm relatively unscathed other than close to 2 feet of snow in our yard and a giant pine tree that crashed down around midnight, taking out part of our fence but sparing the house and shed.


Our power went out 5 or 6 times but came back on within 10 minutes each time.

Friends of ours weren't so lucky, their power didn't come back and so they crashed with us Saturday night. The kids were having a blast playing in the snow on Sunday when our power suddenly went out. Nice. Our friends packed up to drive 2 hours to stay with family and we hightailed it to Paul's parents' house. Power for all is expected to maybe be back on by Wednesday.

So instead of sharing my 10 on 10, as my photos are all still on my camera, I'm parked on my in-laws couch watching Dora with LP and writing this on my iPad while Eliza naps in the guest room and the dogs snooze on the floor. Papa, Grammy and Paul are all at work.

Not quite how I expected the week to go but it could certainly be worse!

Hope that any of you who had to weather this storm are safe and warm!

This post is part of PAIL's Monday Snapshot- head on over to check out more!


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