Feb 24, 2013

Eliza Rose: Things to Remember, Month Six!


It’s hard to believe but Eliza is 6 months old today!  The past 6 months have flown by and she’s had so  many milestones just in the last few weeks.

At 6 months, Eliza is pretty good at sitting up.  She topples over when she gets too excited or when she’s tired but she’ll  happily sit and play for quite a while- either on her own or with her big brother.


We just started giving Eliza solid foods.  We skipped the whole “pureed” plan and went with “Baby Led Weaning” this time around.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, you wait until your baby can sit up well on their own and can pick up toys and things- then you start them right off on solid foods- cut into sizes that they can pick up.  Veggies are lightly steamed or roasted to make them a bit softer.  Eliza LOVES it and I have to say that Paul and I love it too.  It’s so much easier and more fun than sitting down at every meal to spoon feed her- She eats the same things we’re eating, just sometimes prepared a bit differently.  So far she’s had carrots, sweet potatoes, red and green peppers, apple, banana, chicken, steak, pork dumplings, toast, rice, and pears- all just in the first week!  It’s messy but she really enjoys trying all the new things we’re giving her!


Eliza’s very first bottom tooth just popped through.  It’s still hard to see but is razor sharp when she tries to chomp on your fingers!  She was a very easy teether- no fussing at all, just lots of gnawing on things.  Let’s hope that she remains that way for the rest of her teeth!  LP was an easy teether as well so perhaps it’s in their DNA?


Eliza continues to sleep very well at night.  She only takes short naps during the day (about an hour in the morning, an hour or so in the afternoon, and a little catnap just before dinner) but she sleeps a solid twelve hours every night which is awesome.  She goes to bed so easily- we just take her upstairs, lay her down and she’s asleep.  Once in a while she’ll fuss for a  minute or two but as soon as she finds her thumb to suck on she’s good. 

She’s also just started rubbing her eyes when she’s tired which I think is so cute!


Eliza Rose is a very easy going baby- she cries when she’s tired, lonely or hungry but is easily soothed by a nap, some attention, or a bottle.  She’s mostly just full of big drooly smiles, especially for her daddy and her brother, and lots of giggles and belly laughs. 


Like LP, Eliza loves the doggies.  Socks is still pretty indifferent to both kids but Gabby ADORES babies and loves licking Eliza in the face.  In return she puts up with all the ear pulling and nose grabbing Eliza enjoys.


Paul and I can’t get enough of watching Eliza and LP together.  They’re interacting more and more and LP loves showing her how to play with toys and taking care of her.  He entertains her every night after dinner while Paul and I clean up the kitchen and usually all we can hear coming from the living room are LP being goofy and Eliza chuckling at him.  LP also likes to tell her knock knock jokes where he does both voices:  “Knock knock!” he says, followed by “who’s there?” in a falsetto baby voice.  Too funny.


She’s our little bundle of joy and the sweetest baby.  Even today, with a nasty cold (caught from big brother), a slight temperature, and a stuffy nose she’s sweet and smiling. 


She’s our little Eliza Rose with the button nose, Lizzie Lou with the eyes so blue, Missy Moo, Lizzie Whizy (pronounced Ly-Zee Why-Zee), Little Miss, Baby Sister, love of our lives…

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  1. Oh my gosh, your little girl is so cute!!! I just hopped over from one of your comments left on the PAIL blog and had to say hi.



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