Jan 17, 2013

Life's a Zoo....

Thanks to all of you who left such sweet and supporting comments (and took time from your BUSY lives to call me, too!) about my last post.  It really means a lot to have such a caring group of friends (whether I know you in "real" life or just via the internet) who are there for me to vent to and whine to from time to time.

Today was what LP and I like to call an "at home" day.  A day where we have no errands to run, no yoga class to go to, and nothing specific to do other than laundry.  I try to get us out of the house at least twice during the week but the "at home" days are pretty nice too...

This morning I decided to bust out one of my Super Special Mom-Ninja Skills.  I'm talking about ORIGAMI.  That's right, maybe I can't nurse my babies for as long as I'd like but I CAN fold the crap out of some paper.  And so I did.  LP and I decided to make a zoo.  I got through about five animals before his patience (and mine) wore thin and we were ready to start construction.

Every zoo needs a dinosaur:


Choosing the right blocks:


The dinosaur enclosure:


A home for a giraffe:


We built cages (or for the more PC of you: Animal Enclosures) out of wooden blocks.  We added some block trees, some watering bowls, and then welcomed the animals to their new home.  LP labelled each cage with the letter that goes with that animal, "Duh duh duh D! is for Dinosaur, of course."  And we put a big ZOO sign out front.

The penguin with his watering bowl:


"P" for Penguin:


"E" for Elephant" (who lives in a pen with a pig, next to the lake where the boat rides are):



"G" for Giraffe:


It wasn't long before the zoo was under attack by a giant rain cloud full of monkeys, just before a "what's that big windy thing Mommy that sounds like tomato??" came through and blew it all to smithereens but boy did those animals look pretty content while it lasted.


And so, I'd have to say, did LP, Eliza and I.  Sometimes, a zoo is just what you need.


(oh and p.s.  Did anyone see that movie, "We Bought a Zoo"?  It was kind of hokey but I recommend it- if you're into zoos, cheesy stories and Matt Damon, that is!)

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