Dec 31, 2012

2012, In Review

Since it's the last day of 2012 and all, I wanted to do a little flashback of our year.  Looking back I'd say we were pretty busy!!!


 We rang in 2012 in Las Vegas visiting Paul's brothers and their families after finding out at Christmas that we were (finally!) expecting another baby!

Lp and his cousin:


Three brothers and their girls:




After we got back my college bestie came to visit with her two kids:


And then I turned another year older...



We started the month with a trip to PA and to the Crayola Factory:




And snuck in a quick visit to see my college bestie again- can't get enough of spending time with her family!


We also got to see my high school bestie and her adorable new baby.. LP was IN LOVE.


And I did this year's version of the "Hands" project for Open Arms.


When we returned we started work on fixing up our fireplace and mantel:



The finished project!


Then Nana came to visit and we went to the art museum:


We also found out that we'd be having a baby girl!

baby girl

And work on LP's swingset commenced:



In April the swingset was built:


We dyed Easter eggs:


And best of all, we went on our very first vacation that didn't invovle extended family.  The three of us had the time of our lives in Disney World!





In May, work on the nursery began.


And LP and I headed to PA again to see my parents and brothers and their wives (and so Aunt Frances and I could compare our growing baby bumps):



In June Paul's brother and his girlfriend had a baby girl- LP was up to 2 girl cousins!

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts we spent a lot of time playing with the sprinkler:


Working on the nursery:


And attending birthday parties (three in June alone!):






In July another girl cousin joined the family- this time on my side of the family.  LP is outnumbered all around!

We spent a lot of time swimming:


And finished up the nursery:


We celebrated Paul's 40th Birthday:


And threw our annual summer Rib Fest (no good pics to share except this one of our moms pre-partying!)



In August I was feeling as big as a house:


And we were counting down the days til Baby Sister arrived...


On August 24!





In September we all fell in love more and more with Baby Eliza:


Nana and Pappy came to visit:


And LP started doing yoga classes:



October found us lost in a corn maze:


Meeting one of our new neices/cousins:


Spending more time in Pennsylvania with family:








And dressing up as the Evil Emporer Zurg and his alien for Halloween:



We also celebrated our 6th anniversary in October but have no photos to show for it!


In November I did my very first photo shoot of someone else's family:


LP preferred sleeping in the hallway:


 I did another photo shoot for friends:


We celebrated LP's 4th birthday!!


And headed to PA (again!) for Thanksgiving:





As soon as we got back from Pennsylvania Thanksgiving weekend we picked out our Christmas tree:


And began getting ready for the holidays:



In December one of my photos appeared in a published book!


We met Santa:


We goofed around:


We had Christmas Eve at Paul's parents' house:


And Christmas Day at home:





All in all, I'd say 2012 was very eventful!  We were so fortunate this year to have Eliza come into our lives and to be able to go so many places and see so many of our friends and family.  Here's to 2013. If it treats us half as well as 2012 did we'll consider ourselves very lucky!!!  

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