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Right Now...

Eliza is screaming up in her room.  I can hear her both on the monitor and through the ceiling as our office is right under the nursery.  She's 10 weeks old and it was time to move her out of our room.

When we moved LP out of our room and into the nursery I had a really hard time with it.  As a first time mother I was still waking up throughout the night to make sure he was still breathing and wasn't too hot or too cold.  And he was still waking up once in the middle of the night or very early in the morning to nurse. I was afraid to move him to the nursery but both Paul and our pediatrician insisted.  We moved his whole bassinet initially and after one or two nights of crying from both him and from me he was fine- he slept all night.  After a week or so we moved him to his crib and that was that.  He's been a great sleeper ever since.  (Although recently he's been getting up around 5 a.m. to climb into our bed.  Fortunately he goes back to sleep.  Unfortunately he's a MAJOR bed hog.)


With Eliza, I started dreading the big move a few weeks ago.  She's been consistently sleeping all night for about a month now so I knew it wouldn't be hard on her.  But I also knew it would be hard on me.  This time around it wasn't because I was scared to move her.  Sure, I still check multiple times every night to make sure she's breathing and isn't too hot or cold, but I do that with LP too.  This time around, it was sadness that this stage of babyhood is over.  Since it took us so long to get pregnant with Eliza, Paul is adamant about not having a third baby.  He doesn't want to be ready to retire but still have kids in high school.  And so Eliza is the last baby who will curl up in a bassinet next to our bed.  And I wasn't ready to give that up.


But we did it.  Last night I wheeled her bassinet out of our room and down the hall.  Read her a story in the rocking chair, put her down with her pacifier (against our pediatrician's rules but we're rule breakers), and left the room.  She started crying, spit out the pacifier, and cried for a few minutes.  I tiptoed in, put the pacifier back, and that was that.


Ditto tonight. I just tiptoed up and stuck that pacifier back in her mouth and now all is quiet with the exception of the dog snoring at my feet.  LP was not a pacifier baby and to be honest I have mixed feelings about giving her one but it does calm her down.  We try to mainly use it when she's sleeping and she spits it out pretty quickly so hopefully it won't become too much of a habit.


So now it's time for me to hit the couch and enjoy some grown-up girly shows before I head to bed.  Morning will be here all too soon...


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