Sep 21, 2012

Eliza Rose: One Month

In the spirit of not neglecting to keep track of milestones with baby #2, here's my first monthly update on little miss Eliza Rose. 


The first month has been, for the most part, pretty great.  We've been blessed (knock on wood) with a baby who eats well, sleeps well, and rarely gets fussy.  The only times she really cries or screams are when she's hungry and we're not quick enough at getting food into her belly.  


She's been sleeping in 4 and 5 hour stretches, sometimes at night, which is great.  The past few days her schedule has been a bit off so she's been taking her longer sleep during the day and then is up around 2 and ready to party.  Two nights in a row now she was up from 2 until after 5.  Makes it a little rough on Mama when I don't get back to sleep until 5:30 or 6 and then LP comes barrelling into our bed around 6:30.  


Everyone has adjusted very well to having a baby in the house.  LP shows nothing but love to Eliza.  He hasn't said he doesn't want a sister any more or anything negative.  On occasion he's asked me to put her down in her crib so that I can play with him but otherwise he loves kissing and cuddling her and helping with diaper changes (something about undoing her dirty diapers just fascinates him and he gets quite angry if I unhook a diaper without him)...  


Whenever she gets a little fussy she calms right down when LP comes over and talks to her.  I love seeing how their big brother/little sister relationship is already starting to develop.



As for Eliza, I'd say that so far her personality is quiet but intense.  When she's eating, she's EATING.  Chowing down, full force nursing until she chokes or gags or fills her stomach to overflowing.  



When she's asleep, she's ASLEEP.  Strip her clothes off, give her a bath, make the dogs bark, nothing wakes her up.  (Which is great in many ways except when we'd like her to be awake during the day more so that she can be asleep at night more- there's no shifting the schedule of a baby who won't wake up no matter what).  



And when she's awake she's AWAKE.  Very alert, looking around, tracking the sound of our voices as we move around her.  She's very strong and is holding her head up really well already.  Eliza is mostly ok with tummy time, except when she's hungry, and can easily turn her head from side to side.  



She's getting chunky little cheeks and arms and legs (at least chunky for this household) and I can't wait to find out how much she's gained at our pediatrician appointment on Monday.  I'm guessing she's past the 8 lb. mark at this point.  

According to the baby books many babies around this age start making cooing noises.  We're not hearing any coos quite yet, Eliza is more of a growler and grunter I'd say, but she's definitely able to let us know exactly what she wants and whether she's happy or not.  





So life as a family of 6(if you count the dogs, which we do) is pretty great!  




Can't wait to keep watching my children grow and learn and develop more and more personality (not that LP needs more personality- that's a post for another day!)... 

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