Sep 11, 2012

Baby 1 vs. Baby 2

I'll try not to compare LP and Eliza too much, but a few of the photos I've taken of Eliza remind me so much of LP when he was a newborn. Thought I'd share a few here...


LP and Daddy in the recovery room (note that Paul is wearing a beer themed t-shirt- Smuttynose Brewery):

Daddy and Baby

Eliza and Daddy in the recovery room (Daddy with another beer-themed shirt- Heineken this time):


LP in his hospital garb:

In Hospital

Eliza in her hospital garb:


Gabby checking out LP:



Gabby checking out Eliza:


LP in the swing: 

11-29-2008 12-25-28 PM

Eliza in the swing:


LP's first sponge bath:

First Bath!

And Eliza's:


LP hanging out with Daddy:

11-29-2008 12-25-09 PM

And Eliza hanging out with Daddy:



Tee hee!


  1. Congratulations! She's a beautiful baby. I know a very happy grandmother.



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