Aug 1, 2012

T minus 23 Days

So a date has been decided.  Unless I go into labor earlier I'll be having a repeat c-section on Friday, August 24th.  Yikes!  So soon!  One of the doctors at the practice I go to thought I should go for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) but the doctor who was actually there when I had LP and who did my first c-section thought it was unlikely that I'd be successful at it due to what happened the last time around.  And so Baby Sister will be here soon!

I now feel like I'm in a bit of a time crunch trying to get everything ready.  The nursery is all set but we still need to clean and install the infant carseat, get the swing and some other things out of storage and cleaned up, and generally get organized.  I'd hoped to get some freezer meals made but that might be one of the things that gets scratched off my list.  Anyway, my in-laws love to cook and bring us food and Paul can cook (probably better than I can) so I'm sure we'll survive.... 

I'm hoping to have all baby-related stuff done this weekend (bag packed for the hospital, etc.) just in case she comes early.  After all, LP was 3 weeks early.  If Baby Sister follows suit she could be here next week!

Add to my list the fact that LP has been sick with a fever since Saturday and so I've been missing work even though I only have 2.5 weeks before I start my maternity leave AND I have a conference to organize and run next Saturday and the time seems to be going by very quickly...

One day at a time and deep breaths.  The current priority is getting the little man better.  The pediatrician thinks strep with an ear infection and some sort of rash but today's strep test came back negative.  They're running some sort of overnight test but the doctor was 99.9% sure that it's strep based on the way his throat looked and so we've started him on amoxicillin.  Hopefully in a day or two he'll be feeling better...

I did manage to get a little sewing done over the last week.  Finished up a few more cloth diapers:





My favorite:



This one is the only newborn size diaper I've made so far and it's so teeny tiny!  The other diapers will fit babies 8 lbs. and up (they fit LP at almost 30 lbs.) but this one is for a newborn.  Here it is next to a water bottle for scale:


I'm not planning to really cloth diaper until I'm an official stay at home mom after Christmas but I couldn't resist the teeny tiny diaper.  Will be so cute for photos!

I also made myself some nursing pads (very exciting, I know!):



So that's the status of my cloth diaper stash and our getting ready for baby countdown!

And now, I'm off to play nurse, take some temperatures and dole out some medicine!

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