Jun 20, 2012

More Projects...

So aside from redoing our deck (hmm... guess I owe some pictures of the finished project!), putting new tile and a toilet in the downstairs bathroom, and the constant work on our yard/garden we've been working on slowly getting the nursery finished up for Baby Sister.  

Here's where we stand now:


It's starting to get there!  The rug we purchased is ties the blue and pink together perfectly.  The dresser and nightstand have been painted (and are awaiting some drawer pulls), and I started work on the crib skirt.  Once I get it a little more presentable I'll share more detailed photos but it's starting to look really great!

We've also decided to cloth diaper Baby Sister this time around.  I'd wanted to with LP but with the whole first time parenting thing, breastfeeding, and going back to work I just couldn't get it together to really go for it.  This time around though I only go back to work for about a month (just long enough to clean out my office before I'm getting laid off at the end of the year) and so I'll be a stay-at-home mom after that.  Plus, we're cheap and cloth diapering is so much less expensive.

To keep costs down even more, I've decided to sew the majority of our cloth diaper stash myself.  I'm one of those people who hates spending money on something I could make myself and so last night I took the plunge and whipped up my first diaper.  It's a one-size pocket diaper (so you stuff an absorbable insert into a pocket on the inside and the snaps adjust to fit from about 7 pounds to 30 pounds or so).  Here it is on the smallest setting:


And on the largest:


Here's the inside- you can see the pocket opening towards the top:


And then I wanted to see how it looked on so I made LP model it for me.  He said it was very comfy because it's fleecy inside.  I actually didn't even have to use the largest size on him as he's so skinny....


All in all it took me about 2 hours to put together but that including cutting out the pattern, figuring out how to use my snap pliers, and reading through the directions very carefully several times.  I think if I do a bunch more assembly line style they should take a lot less time to put together now that I've got one under my belt.

And since it's about 90 degrees in the upstairs of our house, this way I have a good reason to hang out in the nice cool basement!

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