Jun 25, 2012

3.5 + 1

LP is a month past being 3 and a half.  If I was still counting by months he'd be 43 months.  Yikes!  And he's been saying and doing some funny (and some not so funny) things lately that I wanted to share since I haven't done an LP update in quite a while...

  • LP is very excited about having a baby sister.  His current favorite name for her is Jessie, but he previously suggested Molly, Slinky Dog, Potato Head, and Baby.  I think Paul and I will go a different route.
  • He and Gabby are still the very best of friends.  Especially if there's water involved.  They LOVE to play in the hose together.  


  • At a recent birthday party he finally conquered his fear of the bouncy house.  He still isn't interested in the bouncy slide but at least he was in there jumping around with everyone instead of standing on the outside saying he wanted to do it and then changing his mind ten times.



  • LP is so easygoing around other people which is great.  We've had quite a few birthday parties to attend this month and LP runs right in and starts playing, whether he knows the other kids and grown ups or not.  Hopefully this is serving him well as he started at a new day care today!  At this weekend's birthday party Paul and I had so many compliments on what a nice little boy he is which is always nice to hear!



  • He's still our sensitive little guy.  At Saturday's party there was a pinata.  LP was very excited about it until he saw that it was Spiderman and saw the other kids hitting Spiderman with a bat.  He stood in the line waiting for his turn but once he was handed the bat he started hysterically crying.  Paul and I took him aside and asked him what was wrong and he said "It's too scary!  They're hurting Spiderman!"  He really thought the kids were beating the crap out of the real Spiderman.  After some explaining he finally calmed down enough to hunt for some of the candy once the other kids opened the pinata.  Paul thinks he should be a little tougher but I love that he's so sensitive towards other peoples' (and pinata's) feelings....


  • At home he alternates between being super sweet and being a typical 3 year old.  One minute he's full of cuddles, telling me I'm his best friend, and the next minute he's telling me he only wants a daddy and that I should go away.  Too bad for him I'm not going anywhere!
  • LP retains EVERYTHING.  We were playing with bubbles after dinner last night and he started reciting a Sesame Street book we used to read to him about Ernie taking a bubble bath.  We haven't read the book in well over a year, in fact, it's not even on his bookshelf any more, but he remembered all the words.
  •  When he comes with me to the doctor's office for my OB appointments he always impresses everyone there with his knowledge of medical implements (he's way into a show called Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior).  Two appointments ago he asked the doctor if she was going to use the otoscope during my exam (the otoscope is the little light thingy they check your ears with).  The doctor was so surprised she almost fell off the stool!  At my last checkup the nurse let him squeeze the little bulb on the blood pressure thing and it totally made his day.


  •  LP has FINALLY figured out how to open doors.  We'd sort of avoided teaching him but now that he's figured it out watch out.  For more than a year and a half he slept in his big boy bed without getting up in the morning and coming into our room but those days are over now.  He's out of bed several times after we tuck him in and as soon as he wakes up we hear the little pitter patter of feet and his head appears next to our bed.  "Good morning!!!" he says, "I slept well!  I had good dreams!  Did you???"
  •  He continues to be very literal.  2 weeks ago we went to meet our new daycare provider and stayed for about half an hour while he played with the other kids.  This morning on our way to her house I asked him if he was nervous about his first day at the new day care.  He said, "It's not my first time.  It's my second!"  Silly me.
  •  LP is very interested in learning to tell time.  We decorated a clock with stickers and I made up a little chart that shows him when it's breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and bed time.  He loves comparing the chart with the actual time.



  •  LP is also turning into an adventurous little eater which is so great after years of cereal bars, cheese sticks and peanut butter sandwiches.  He's tried shrimp on occasion but the other night suddenly developed a love for it and polished off the shrimp on his plate plus half the shrimp on Paul's plate.  He's also tried calamari and clams and keeps asking us to buy duck and shark for him to try. We'll have to hunt some down I guess!
  •  He's growing up so fast but is still so very little.  He seems to get taller every day but still hasn't quite broken the 30 lb. mark.  He'll just be tall and skinny like his daddy! 



LP is our best little guy and is going to be a great big brother in just a couple of months!  Until then we're enjoying every second we have with just the three of us!

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