May 24, 2012

Week #26- Baby Sister

Back in March I swore that I'd do regular baby updates so that Baby Sister doesn't feel neglected on my blog compared to LP.  Right.  Haven't done a baby update since and that was 10 weeks ago!  Time goes so much faster when you have a 3 year old in the house.  People keep asking how far along I am and I have to think about it before I answer.  With LP I knew practically to the day!  Oh well...

So here's an update at 26 weeks.  I'm on the cusp of the 3rd trimester- hooray!  Had my blood sugars tested yesterday and the results came in today- all is well.  My iron level is a bit low though so I need to start taking iron supplements which is just deja vu from my pregnancy with LP and no big deal.  My iron levels tend to be low all the time.  

At 26 weeks Baby Sister (which is what we've been calling her.  LP has moved on from his "Molly" obsession and now tells everyone that we're naming her "Baby.") is about the size of an eggplant.  She is super active.  LP was active but she's pure craziness.  Non-stop, all day and all night long.  At the last ultrasound she had her feet down and her head up under my right side and as far as I can tell she hasn't shifted much since then.  I get kicked nonstop in my lower abdomen and right side, never on the left.  Most of the time it feels like she's alternating between using my cervix and my bladder as a foot rest.  Neither option is very comfortable and has made walking far or getting much sleep difficult.  I managed a three mile walk this morning but am not sure how much longer I'll be able to keep it up.  It's slow going and about halfway through I'm desperate for a bathroom... 

I thought I was bigger this time around than last time but in comparing pictures maybe not.

Here I am at 21 weeks with LP:

2008 07 28 004 copy

(blurry photo taken by Paul)

Warm Up

And in an extremely poor quality phone in the mirror photo (post 3 mile walk and a shower) here I am today at 26 weeks with Baby Sister (wearing the same shirt- my "I'm so Crafty I Make People" shirt):



Looking at the photos (oh, so lovely!) I can see that with LP I was wider for sure.  Had some major love handles back then.  And while I certainly still have them, with Baby Sister I'm more out in the front I think...

So we're getting there.  The nursery is chugging along slowly and I'm planning to get started with a lot of the sewing later today.  We're not counting the days yet by any means but it certainly feels like it's going so quickly and I know she'll be here before we know it! 

Ok time to get my sew on!

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