Apr 9, 2012


So I haven't gotten very far in figuring out a career in photography.  It's in the works though- I'm hoping that after baby girl arrives and we're settled in and I'm not working out of the home any more I can start doing some shoots for people here and there and maybe start up my own little business.  

But although I mainly take photos of LP these days, I was recently commissioned to take some photos to be used on notecards at my parents' church. (And by commissioned, I mean that my mom asked me to stop by and snap some pictures when I was visiting them in PA last month.  Commissioned just sounds better)

This project actually started back in the fall of 2010.  The church had started a senior group called Open Arms which meets twice a week, and wanted some photos of hands to use on notecards as a little fundraiser.  I don't think I ever shared the photos I took back then, so here are some of them:








Of course, looking back, all I can see is the mistakes I made in these photos - my focus wasn't quite right in a lot of them.  The notecards were very popular though and apparently they sold out!

This year I was asked to come back and do another series.  Armed with my fancy new camera and a few new skills, I took the following shots:









And while I still see room for improvement, I like to think my photography skills have matured a bit... Hopefully this year's batch of cards will be just as popular!

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