Mar 5, 2012

Some Progress....

Over the weekend we made a fair amount of progress on our latest DIY project.  Here are some photos!

Remember, this is the direction we're heading:

fireplace copy

LP and Paul painting the mantel:


All painted!:


Hooray!  After more than 4 years you can't see the cables and cords below the t.v. for the first time!


You can see a bit in this photo how our equipment shelf used to look- when we moved in Paul rigged up a temporary (4 year) solution by extending the bookshelf so that it was a bit deeper.  Unfortunately he didn't extend it enough so the equipment hung off the edge of it, which was both ugly and precarious!

2011-02-21 12-32-38_0037wm

And here's how it looks now:


By raising the shelf a bit we were able to hide more of the cords.  We also made the shelf deeper so our equipment actually fits better.  The CD player was banished to the basement (we can use our BluRay player to play CDs).  Raising the shelf gave us room for video storage underneath.  It's still not ideal (I'd love to not have to look at the equipment at all) but there's just nowhere else to put the equipment due to the location of our cable/windows/tv/etc.

The cabinet doors are almost done- I'm hoping we'll get those back in place tonight or tomorrow.

Next steps:  deciding on tile for the fireplace (and actually tiling it), and installing our new fireplace doors.  I'm pushing for glass tiles, Paul prefers marble.  We're also thinking about possibly slate since the hearth is slate.  Would save us a little money if we didn't have to tile the hearth as well.

Oh and these are our new fireplace doors:

Although we have brushed nickel fixtures in the rest of the house, we went with oil-rubbed bronze in the living room.  All in all, it's coming together really well.  The last of the ugly oak has finally been banished from our house, and we keep looking at the mantel and shelves and saying, "why didn't we do this sooner?"  



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