Mar 8, 2012


So in three weeks we'll hopefully know if baby # 2 is going to be another boy or a girl.  My bets are on boy, mainly because I've felt the exact same way throughout this pregnancy so far as I did with LP (i.e. no morning sickness but completely exhausted all the time).  

However, although I've predicted tons of other babies correctly (seriously, I haven't made a mistake yet in all of the times my friends/family have had babies), I thought LP would be a girl and was obviously wrong.  So we'll see.  

And you know me, I love to plan projects and make up inspiration boards for decorating.  If we have another boy I'm sure I'll make some changes to the nursery, but not as many as I'll make if we have a girl!  Today I thought I'd share all of the girl nursery ideas that have been keeping me up at night!

Our plan either way is to use our original nursery since we moved LP into his big boy room.  Once again we'll use the crib, glider, and changing table that we used before.  And we'd like to avoid painting as well, so I'm working with walls that are painted in a color called "Forever Denim."  Fortunately, I think I can easily make it work for a girl's room!

Here are a few "in progress" shots when we were putting the room together for LP so that you can see the chair, crib, wall color, and changing area.  (The blue is not QUITE this bright in real life- these pictures were taken before I knew what I was doing with my camera).


Changing area

Here's what I've come up with so far:

nursery-girl copy

I'm going with a sort of "vintage sewing" type theme (shocking, I know!).  The background color in this image is our current wallcolor.  #9 are the additional colors I'd like to bring into the room to make it girly but not over the top princess pink.  In our original nursery we took the doors off the closet to put the changing table inside and painted the inside of the closet green.  I'd like to repaint that in the "grenadine" color which is sort of a coral-y pink.  Then, like in image #5, I'd like to add a border around the room that looks like eyelet lace- either with a vinyl cling on like the right-hand image or a DIY project like the left (which is contact paper cut to look like scallops).  

#7 are the fabrics I'd like to bring into the room.  The two florals are from a line called "London" which is fitting as I spent a year in England in college and am a HUGE angliophile.  I'm thinking about using the yellow gingham to faux-upholster the ends of our crib (in the top picture you can see that one end is wooden and the other end is plexiglass with primary colored balloons.  This was my crib as a baby and is still in great shape but I'm thinking that I might try covering those ends this time around.).  

Along with the eyelet border, I'm consdering a wall mural based on this one I saw online a while ago (#3).  It's painted to look like cross-stitch on the wall and I LOVE the technique!  It seems like it would be fairly easy to do as well!  My mother has a lot of my Nana's cross-stitch patterns so I'd probably try to use something from that stash.  Speaking of my Nana, many many years ago I took several of her vintage hankies and sewed them into a wall-quilt (#10).  I haven't found a place for it in this house and think it would be perfect in a girl nursery.  I still have some hankies left and might do a a bunting of sorts with them (#4).   I also have quite a few spools of thread from my Nana's collection and love the idea of using them as hooks (#1).  I think a collection of them on the wall with a vintage baby hanger and baby dress hanging from them would be so sweet.

Other touches will be new curtains and a little table next to the glider chair.  I'm not normally a tulle person but I think the use of tulle as a tableskirt is so cute (#2) and I already have the perfect little table stored away in our basement.  I wouldn't do blue curtains but like the curtains above (#11), would love to stitch vintage buttons (again from my Nana's collection) to something drapey.  

Years ago I purchased a print from one of my favorite children's artists, Sarah Jane, of this little girl reading (#8). It's been in my sewing room but a baby girl nursery would be the perfect place to hang it.  I also love this quote from Audrey Hepburn who has long been one of my idols and would love to incorporate it somehow (#6).  

So there it is!  A girl nursery, all planned out and put together (in my head!)  Now we just have to wait and see if I'll get to use these ideas or if I'll have to start over with a boy nursery!

What do you guys think?  Does it pass the "girly but not over the top" test? 

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