Mar 22, 2012

Final Shots.....

Ok, so I probably shouldn't call these "final" shots, since we've just decided that we can't stand how dated the fireplace hearth looks against our shiny new tiles and will be tiling the hearth this weekend (most likely with simple slate or travertine tiles).  But here are a few photos of our "completed" fireplace project.

Remember, here's the BEFORE:

As decorated by the previous owners when we bought the house in 2007.  The fireplace and shelves have looked just like that ever since:

Living Room 2

In 2008 we put in new carpeting, but the fireplace and shelves were still GROSS.  Oh and we left the t.v. cables exposed for years:

Living Room Carpet- AFTER

And now:


These photos aren't the best as it was a funny time of day to be taking them with bright light coming in the windows and darkness on the other side of the room (another issue in our house- no overhead lights except in the kitchen, hallways and bathrooms).  But the makeover brightens up the space considerably, and freshens it up too!



We're loving it and can't wait to show it off to people in person!


  1. It's gorgeous. I love the new colors. It looks very modern.

  2. looks great Em! You two are fantasic!!



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